Download These Fitness Apps to Reach Your #BodyGoals

Do you need a light push to achieve your fitness goals? Try a fitness monitoring app, and it will compliment you on your kicks. These applications, which have more capabilities than a Swiss Army knife, measure your heart rate, steps, and calories. Workouts are now immensely more adaptable thanks to technological advancements. You can now quickly convert your living room or garden into a high-intensity workout space.

But if you ask us, we’d rather take our fitness outdoors in the nature of Canada. Or better yet, we’d rather go to and then train our muscles. Nevertheless, with these fitness monitoring apps, you can blast your favourite training playlist and hustle for that muscle.

1. Glo
Available on Android and iOS

If you want to enhance your strength and endurance, including yoga in your routine is the answer to your request. Glo is the place to go for yoga, pilates, meditation, and more fitness classes.

The Glo app will be a fixture among your top fitness applications in no time. It boasts more than 4,000 courses, a global network of teachers, and 16 learning styles from beginner to pro. Numerous challenges are waiting for you on this great exercise app, whether you’re a novice or a yogi.

2. Strava
Available on Android and iOS

While Strava may be used for a variety of activities, it is primarily a cycling app. The app tracks everything from distance and pace to elevation and calorie burn. Monthly challenges promote health, making the Strava app one of the greatest fitness applications available.

The app thrives on group fitness activities like swimming, CrossFit, running, and more. Show off your stats, add images, and engage with friends and professional athletes in the same way you would on social media. Except here, you’re inspired to keep working out.

3. Jilian Michaels: The Fitness App
Available on iOS

Jilian Michaels, one of America’s most popular fitness trainers, has created an app that provides constant inspiration. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Jillian’s remarkable exercise library will almost certainly help you exceed your fitness goals.

Stream over 1,000 fitness routines to your phone, tablet, or television. With your health in mind, the app assists you in meeting your weight loss and toning objectives. Users can choose between gym, at-home, outdoor, and no-equipment workouts.

4. Renpho
Available on Android and iOS

It’s best not to take shortcuts when it comes to your health. That is why using Renpho to lose weight is a smart idea. The app records your progress based on a variety of body composition indicators, including body fat, BMI, muscle mass, metabolism, and more. The fitness monitoring software might assist you in becoming more health-conscious.

The app, which is easily synced with your Fitbit, acts as your virtual progress monitor. Users can establish several profiles, fully separating the data. This enables users to track both their personal and family fitness journeys.

5. Keelo
Available on iOS

The Keelo app does not disappoint those looking for a high-intensity workout. The app includes over 150 full-body exercises, each of which is designed to improve strength and muscular conditioning. Warm-ups and cool-downs are included in parallel to strength and conditioning. Although some of the workouts aren’t free, there’s still a lot of free stuff to help you exceed your boundaries.

Though Keelo’s exercise courses are weight-based, you may filter your HIIT inclinations. Dumbbell, med ball, and kettlebell routines are all accessible on the app; simply set up your favorite music and get going. Each Keelo session lasts roughly 20 minutes, so use your break to do a fast HIIT workout.

6. MyFitnessPal
Available on Android and iOS

MyFitnessPal, the greatest free fitness app on the market, makes it easy to lose weight. The app provides a practical guide to exercise on the go for individuals who lead a hectic life.

The MyFitnessPal app includes over 350 workouts. The fitness monitoring software calculates how much energy a person expends during each exercise depending on their age, body type, gender, and other physical characteristics. The workouts, which range from weight training and aerobics to yoga and meditation, will strengthen both your physical and mental health.

MyFitnessPal’s community focus is perhaps its most appealing feature. The forum assists enthusiasts in measuring personal improvement via success and encourages members to communicate ideas.

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