Eleiko Powerlifting Bar with integrated technology creates new opportunities

Eleiko is launching the first sensor-ready powerlifting bar — the Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Training Bar — a stainless-steel bar with chromed sleeves designed to house specifically designed tracking technology by Enode for integrated barbell velocity tracking.

The sensor-ready powerlifting bar gives facilities and coaches new opportunities to train athletes and members optimally, improving training experiences and outcomes.

Sensors are integrated into each end of the bar sleeves to give athletes accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis that offers a new perspective on strength training, helping lifters and coaches make better, data-driven training decisions.
Lifters and coaches can access real-time data, analysis, and feedback on each lift, helping optimise training and improve performance. The sensors track various metrics, including bar path and speed and can help identify breakdowns in form or technique. Dual sensors distinguish things challenging to see, such as bar rotation, inclination, acceleration vectors and velocities for every moment of a lift. The data can be easily accessed through the Enode Pro companion app on a smartphone, giving a comprehensive overview of workouts and progress.

“We believe this innovative sensor-ready IPF Powerlifting Training Bar will be a game-changer for training facilities, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts worldwide,” said Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO. “It combines Eleiko’s iconic bar quality, durability and performance with cutting-edge technology, blending proven strength equipment with the latest technology and data analysis to optimise performance.”

About the Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Training Bar

The 29 mm stainless steel bar grip is uncoated like an IPF Competition Bar, so the grip is exceptionally secure but corrosion resistant as it is made from stainless steel. The chromed sleeves are designed to house specifically designed sensors from Enode, the first powerlifting bar to integrate technology into the bar sleeve, maintaining the calibrated weight with or without the sensors installed.

A differentiating factor for training facilities

The Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Training Bar with the Enode Sensor Kit is a win-win for facilities and lifters. This solution provides a differentiating factor for training facilities that enhances engagement and improves the training experience and outcomes for athletes and members. Discreetly embedding the sensors into the sleeve of the bar decreases the risk of sensor damage or loss while at the same time improving data accuracy and increasing the information available with two points of measurement.

Facilities can use the IPF Powerlifting Training Bar and the Eleiko Enode Sensors in several ways. After making the bars with the integrated sensor available in their facilities, all members track their training and collect data on their lifts by downloading the free companion app from Enode and connecting it to the bar. Facilities with personal training offerings or coaches working with athletes can sign up for Enode Pro+, which allows coaches and trainers to deliver programming, track progress and ensure athletes and clients are progressing appropriately to reach their training goals and optimal performance.

Velocity-based training

Learn more about the new sensor-ready bar and how to accelerate training, programming, and coaching with velocity-based training in their upcoming webinar scheduled for Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CET


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