Eleiko Prestera cable attachment adds new dimension to training spaces

Eleiko’s Prestera Rack system was thoughtfully designed to better support athletes in their training. The Prestera Cable Attachment advances this vision further, delivering more training options and better space optimisation in a training facility. With its space-saving design, single or dual pulley configuration, generous cable length, and an array of handles, the Cable Attachment introduces a versatile, functional trainer within the compact footprint of any Prestera Rack to create a complete strength station solution.

“This is an important new development for Eleiko, our customers, and the lifters we serve,” said Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO. “We have been dedicated to bringing the best lifting experience to facilities and athletes worldwide for more than 60 years through our free weights. Now with the Prestera Cable Attachment, we bring the “Eleiko feeling” to cable-based training transforming the way floorplans are considered and rack space is utilised.”

Blomberg adds, “The demand for strength training continues to grow, and space optimisation and training experiences are vital considerations for facilities. Integrating an adjustable cable system into our Prestera range will fundamentally shift how we design and build training spaces. This is our first step in redefining what is possible and creating bespoke strength training environments that deliver stronger member and athlete experiences.”

“Lifting and functional training includes compound movements using large muscle groups and is essential for developing strength and improving performance. While free weights are our core focus, it’s a way of training complemented by cable-based training,” said Bjorn Welde, Eleiko Product Development Manager. “By adding cables, Prestera becomes an even more powerful strength station for facilities and lifters, giving easier access to popular prehab and rehab exercises and more training methods in a compact footprint.”

The cable attachment exemplifies the Eleiko development philosophy — precision engineering, Swedish manufacturing with the highest quality materials, and safety standards ensure the best user experience. The sleek, space-saving design offers tremendous flexibility in creating strength training environments – the units can be installed with the weight selection facing in or out in a single or dual adjustable cable pulley configuration.

The cable attachments fit within the Prestera side uprights, maintaining full access to the training space within the rack, and the generous 270-degree pulley swivel allows for training in the underutilised space at the sides of the rack, maximising floor space, athlete training stations and functionality within a facility.

The cable attachment features a 120 kg (264 lb) weight stack with a 1:2 resistance ratio delivering 60 kg (120 lb) pulling resistance for each unit installed. The stacks can be connected in a dual-stack configuration for a combined total weight of 240 kg / 528 lb for athletes and exercises needing heavier loads. There is no interference with the barbell or fitness and storage attachments, and the cable trolleys glide smoothly along the length of the Prestera uprights.

Eleiko’s signature attention to detail is evident in the design and construction, keeping the user in mind at each interaction point. Knurled knobs and handles ensure a firm grip and premium experience. Our handles are made in Sweden and designed to deliver the ultimate experience with carefully considered materials that balance weight and durability to provide the ultimate lifting experience.

Whether a performance facility, a personal training studio, a fitness facility or a home gym, the Eleiko Prestera system, equipped with free weights, strength training tools, attachments, and now adjustable cable training, delivers an all-in-one flexible, compact training solution that unlocks new possibilities for facilities and lifters alike.

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