Fast growing UK sports retailer launches German website

Activinstinct, the fast growing online sports retailer, has launched its German website.

The venture is its second mainland European initiative, following the company’s French website launch earlier this year.

Activinstinct believes its push into international markets will increase the company’s overseas income to 50 per cent of total revenue in the next 12-18 months.

Michael Thornhill, Activinstinct’s CEO, believes the launch of the German website will enhance the company’s international profile, adding: “We are launching in Germany as it is a fast growing ecommerce market and has a high penetration of the type of performance sports that we offer.

“We understand that our technology, customer experience and operational sophistication will translate well to other markets and Germany represents both a logical and potentially rewarding market to build a presence.

“Despite Standard & Poor’s threat to slash credit ratings across the euro zone we stand confident in the German market.”

Activinstinct is currently forecasting a 40 per cent increase in sales and a 70 per cent rise in profits in its current financial year.

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