FORM releases new underwater coaching with FORM Plans

FORM, the direct-to-consumer fitness technology company behind the FORM Smart Swim Goggles, today announces the availability of Plans: a series of progressive workouts developed by world-class coaches that are specifically designed to support swimmers of all levels achieve their fitness, skills, or triathlon goals.

Swimmers can choose from over 20+ Plans in the FORM app, and when a plan is followed, all the weekly workouts are synced to the cutting-edge FORM goggles with workout instructions experienced in real-time, guiding the swimmer lap-by-lap. The weekly swims are specifically coach-designed to help swimmers improve so there is no guesswork or wondering what to focus on in and out of the pool. With the introduction of Plans, FORM has become the new underwater coach for all levels of swimmers.

“With FORM Plans, for the first time, swimmers have access to smart technology that not only improves their technique and overall fitness while in the water, but also provides structure that keeps them coming back,” said Dan Eisenhardt, FORM’s founder and CEO. “For the millions of swimmers that swim solo, they now have a tool that will make them stronger in the water without worrying about what to do, how hard to push, and whether they’re progressing towards their goal.”

Plans come in categories and different distance volumes, so every level of swimmer can improve at their own pace. FORM’s Triathlon Plans focus on race format distances and pacing, Fitness Plans improve aerobic endurance and build swim confidence, and Skill Development Plans help any swimmer hone their swimming technique and get faster. The FORM coaches have crafted these workouts to follow a strategic progression with plans ranging from 2-24 weeks and 2-3 swim workouts per week.

Plans are only available on FORM’s smart swim goggles which are the first to deliver performance metrics like split times, distance, stroke rate, pace per 100 meters, and calories in real-time through their see-through, augmented-reality display. Over 240 million active pool swimmers across the world can enjoy the benefits of the FORM goggles in the pool or open water through GPS open water features. After a swim, FORM goggles sync to the FORM Swim App, where the FORM community can analyse their metrics and view their progress over time.

Starting at just $19 per-month, including FORM Smart Swim Goggles, swimmers can take advantage of over 1000 workouts in FORM’s Workout library, and 20+ full Plans. Plans are only found on the FORM app, which can be downloaded today on the App Store and from Google Play. FORM Smart Swim Goggles ship globally and are available with a membership at

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