Freeletics partners with PlayStation to empower an active lifestyle for the gaming community

Freeletics, the leading provider of AI- powered fitness and lifestyle coaching, has partnered with Sony PlayStation to promote their newest game release, Horizon Forbidden West.

Until April 13 Horizon fans can work out to “Defeat the Machines” in an especially co-created workout plan within the Freeletics app.

The second gaming collaboration in the company’s history, this campaign supports gamers on their holistic health journey while bringing Freeletics one step closer to its goal of challenging and inspiring everyone to become the best version of themselves, both physically and mentally.

The partnership includes an exclusive four-week training plan, known as a “Training Journey,” complete with co-created HIIT (high intensity interval training) bodyweight workouts designed to boost physical fitness and stamina. At the end of each week in the Training Journey, users will conquer a new “machine” workout, inspired by some of the dozens of artificially intelligent machines the game’s heroine, Aloy, stands up to in her post-apocalyptic world.

Each of the machine workouts – and the personal training in between – is aimed at preparing the user for the final and most difficult week, which culminates in the hardest machine to beat. The limited-edition Training Journey, personalised and built on real-time user feedback thanks to AI technology, will be available in the app until April 13.

“With this partnership, we are addressing an exciting and dynamic target group for the second time,” said Vicky Hallbauer, CMO of Freeletics. “We are very happy to work alongside PlayStation to reach young, tech savvy gamers, while inspiring an athletic lifestyle that is sustainable for the entire community. Gamers are expanding their own definition to include “fit and strong” and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this positive shift.”

In addition to improving their physical fitness, users who complete the Training Journey in the Freeletics app by May 8 will be entered into a raffle to win exclusive Freeletics and PlayStation prizes, including a PlayStation 5. The partnership also includes a social media campaign and a collaboration with gaming and lifestyle influencer Gnu, who will support the partnership between the two brands with content and challenges on her YouTube channel. More information on the partnership can be found on the Freeletics and PlayStation campaign microsites.

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