MicroOLED introduces the first AR solution to enable real-time display of Apple Watch sensor data

MicroOLED, the company that specializes in the design and manufacture of OLED microdisplays, today announced the first of its kind integration of the ActiveLook “Light AR” platform with Apple Watch.

The integration allows Apple Watch users to connect ActiveLook-enabled eyewear directly to the Apple Watch via Bluetooth, and view sports performance metrics in their natural field of view.

With the ability to create up to three “dashboards” of real-time data using the ActiveLook application for Watch OS, ActiveLook eyewear can display performance metrics such as Running Pace, Heart Rate and Running Power, in addition to the latest running dynamics metrics introduced with Watch OS 9 which include Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation.

Placing this data in the runner’s natural field of view eliminates the need to break stride, shift focus and change body mechanics to monitor performance, which enables athletes to train and compete with seamless access to real-time information. ActiveLook provides a competitive advantage for endurance athletes such as marathoners and triathletes who rely on real-time metrics such as pace and heart rate in order to achieve their personal best. As such, ActiveLook-enabled eyewear are a perfect companion to the just-announced Apple Watch Ultra. ActiveLook makes performance metrics accessible instantly, at a glance, and without the friction associated with attempting to view a wrist-worn display during hard efforts.

MicroOLED CEO Eric Marcellin-Dibon said: “The Apple Watch integration delivers the best ActiveLook experience for runners to date, from simplified setup to super intuitive use with the Apple Watch’s touchscreen combined with the gesture control function found in ActiveLook products. Our team has delivered a breakthrough AR experience that highlights the benefits and value of MicroOLED’s ActiveLook platform – it’s lightweight, offers long battery life, excellent brightness, and is low cost. Competitive, data-driven runners will greatly benefit from this technology.”

ActiveLook’s industry-leading solution for endurance athletes combines MicroOLED’s near-eye displays with an open platform to develop high-performance AR applications. ActiveLook 2.0 for iOS and WatchOS is available today in the App Store for consumers at no cost. Support for OS9 features will be released within September. ActiveLook-compatible eyewear is required. Current eyewear partners include ENGO, Julbo, and Cosmo. ActiveLook developer kits are available.

ENGO, a subsidiary of MicroOLED, also recently announced ENGO 2, its latest version of eyewear powered by the ActiveLook technology. ENGO 2 offers multiple industry leading features which include the longest battery life of up to 12 hours per charge, and the lightest weight at just 36 grams for the standard size; It is the lightest HUD on the market to date. These high performance characteristics are attributed to ActiveLook technology, which yields excellent brightness and low power consumption in a highly-compact package.

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