Salming enters the volleyball market

Vanessa Rodrigues – National Team Captain of Portugal and Salming ambassador
The success and momentum of Salming indoor performance shoes in handball, squash, floorball and badminton has put the brand in a position to increase its product synergy strategy even further. On March 1st Salming entered one of the most widespread sports in the world – Volleyball through its digital platform
The reason for doing this is twofold – first and foremost Salming does already have many professional volleyball players already using our performance indoor shoes throughout the world and secondly – product category synergy as in performance indoor shoes and team wear. It enables Salming to offer a platform for a sport which has the most countries of all sports in its number of federations (188).
”We believe this is a great opportunity for Salming, the feedback from the volleyball community has been crystal clear – our performance shoes are in demand and perfect for volleyball players as well” says Gunnar Oesterreich, marketing manager at Salming ”on a personal note, being a former player and coach in the Swedish Elite Series and coaching the Swiss National Team – this is a very special moment”
The players featured in photos are all Salming Volleyball ambassadors and members of Portugal National Volleyball Team. They are; Vanessa Rodrigues – National Team Captain and Lourenço Martins – National Team.

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