Teqball to be available to more young people thanks to agreement with ISF

Young people are set to have greater access to the burgeoning sport of teqball with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) and the International School Sport Federation (ISF) last week.

The MoU outlines a detailed framework for teqball to be included as a competition sport at future ISF events, a proposal for ISF member federations and schools to have access to discounted equipment and a commitment from teqball to support national school sport federations.

Since teqball’s invention in 2014, the football-based sport, played on a custom-engineered curved table, has grown to be played in over 66 different countries. Many of the world’s top footballers have now incorporated teqball as part of their training regimes, with tables in nine Premier League clubs and more in the La Liga and Serie A leagues.

FITEQ was established in 2017, with the primary mission to introduce and develop the sport globally and has since staged two World Cups in the sport’s birth place of Hungary and Reims, France. In 2018, teqball became the world’s fastest recognised sport when FITEQ received official recognition from the Olympic Committee of Asia (OCA) and has since achieved equal recognition from the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA).

The agreement with the ISF forms part of FITEQ’s plan to create more opportunities for young people to play teqball around the world and its longer term goal of becoming an Olympic sport.

FITEQ Head of International Relations, Co-Founder and Executive Board Member, Marius Vizer Jr said: “This is a meaningful step forward for the sport of teqball and helps us as a federation to create a pathway for young people to enter the sport and take advantage of the opportunities we have to compete at an international level.”

ISF President Laurent Petrynka said: “I am confident that teqball will be a success in the International School Sport Federation’s programme. It is an innovative sport with a strong youth appeal, and I am very proud to announce the partnership with the International Teqball Federation. Teqball can soon become not just a demonstration, but also one of the most exciting competition sports at our international events.”

Mr Vizer and Mr Petrynka signed the MoU at the ISF General Assembly 2019 on June 30 in Agadir, Morocco.

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