The Ultimate Guide to Running launches

Running footwear and apparel company Craft releases an Ultimate Guide to Running. The book is a 240-page long coffee table book with a preface by legendary long-distance runner Tommy “Rivs” Puzey.

Although beautiful to look at with a high-end design, the book only contains two phrases: Left foot. Right foot.

Daniel Högling, Product & Marketing Director of Craft, said: “We wanted to explore what the essence of running was. And after digging deep, drawing from our collective experience being in the running business for over 40 years, we have poured all we know about how to become a great runner into this book. And the conclusion is, even if it is hard to admit, that it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear or what the logo on your shirt says. As long as you repeat putting your left foot in front of your right foot, you’re running.”

The project is a celebration of the running mindset and the fact that it doesn’t matter how you run as long as you do it. Always put one foot in front of the other, no matter if you are just out for an evening jog or if you are trying to break world records. Whether it is cold, dark, hot, raining, or snowing. One foot in front of the other.

Tommy “Rivs” Puzey, said: “As runners, we are constantly bombarded with promises of hacks, miracle products, secret workouts, and shortcuts. There are so many conflicting voices, each one telling us what to do – from how to train to what to eat and how to move. Not only is this confusing and distracting, but it sidetracks us from what running actually boils down to; the mindset that keeps us moving forward. Left foot. Right foot.”

The Ultimate Guide to Running will be available at

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