Vision 2030: ukactive reports on progress and sets new milestones to get more people active

ukactive has published the latest chapter in its Vision 2030 strategy, setting out new milestones within its business plan, drawing on a shared ambition for growth.

ukactive’s long-term strategy, Vision 2030, set out an ambition to get more than five million new users active in its members’ facilities, drawn from a greater diversity of backgrounds.

The ukactive Milestones 2023-2024 report provides a review of progress across the past financial year, including updates on how ukactive has supported digital transformation and grown health-related projects with recognition from the Government, such as Musculoskeletal (MSK) Hubs.

It also details the major work that took place in sourcing and presenting data and insight for strategic purposes, such as gathering risk register data linked to the energy crisis and presenting this to the Government and developing the ongoing private sector benchmarking analysis.

In research terms, it lists major projects including The Active Workforce report, physical activity and Long Covid, and the role secured for the Opening School Facilities programme, funded by the Department for Education.
And in the standards world, it references the progression of The Active Standard pilot with support from Right Directions and the ukactive Standards and Legislation Committee.

The organisation’s activities are based on its three areas of purpose: to support, protect and inform; to represent and champion; and to help members grow.

Looking ahead, ukactive will work to ensure the sector can play its fullest role in the nation’s economic growth, supporting the workforce, and integrating with the NHS and wider community services.

In particular, the new milestones include working with a new property group to develop plans for high street renewal, and cross-sector collaborations with CIMSPA and the major business umbrella groups to help reduce economic inactivity.
ukactive will continue engaging with the major political parties to influence a range of policy areas ahead of a General Election, including progressing its policy work on economic regeneration and improving the operating landscape for growth.

The work will include the continuation of major projects to support members through better data and insight, improved standards and inclusion, and digital growth.

Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive, said: “It has been another challenging year for our sector due to the cost of living and energy crises, but we supported our members through this and saw huge determination from them to achieve our shared ambition for growth.

“These clear milestones will ensure we continue to support our members to further develop high-quality, inclusive services; to lobby the Government for the best possible operating landscape; and to work with our partners to drive the change we seek.”

To read the full document, click here.

Header image: Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive

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