Wahoo Fitness unveils rechargeable TRACKR HEART RATE

Real Time HR Data - Now In Rechargeable Form - Wahoo's New TRACKR HEART RATE

Wahoo Fitness, the leading endurance athlete fitness technology company, has unveiled an exciting new addition to its innovative product line-up, the TRACKR HEART RATE.

With new and improved processing technology, TRACKR HEART RATE delivers highly accurate heart rate monitor (HRM) metrics that give athletes the confidence that every training session is another step toward their goals, taking their performance to the next level.

In a FIRST from the leading smart fitness and training brands, TRACKR HEART RATE is equipped with a high-capacity, rechargeable battery with over 100 hours of active battery life in most conditions. This solves long-standing consumer, environmental, performance, and safety pain points associated with HRMs – by eradicating the use of coin cell batteries.

Accurate, comfortable, and rechargeable, TRACKR HEART RATE delivers a number of high-value key features:

  • Accuracy: Featuring an advanced detection algorithm, TRACKR HEART RATE provides accurate real-time heart rate data to enhance training efficiency and support optimal performance.
  • Comfort:  The chest strap is a totally new design with comfort in mind, including a non-invasive side closure that allows athletes to move freely in any workout.
  • Ecosystem compatibility: With ANT+ and multi-Bluetooth connectivity, the TRACKR HEART RATE connects seamlessly with both indoor training systems and outdoors with ELEMNT computers, GPS smartwatches, and smartphones, and with apps including Apple Watch, Zwift, STRAVA, adidas Running, Nike Run Club, Peloton and the Wahoo ecosystem of apps and training products.
  • Rechargeable Battery: TRACKR HEART RATE is equipped with a high-capacity, rechargeable battery with over 100 hours of active battery life in most conditions, ensuring you’re always ready to train. Whether it’s a marathon training session or an epic cycling tour, TRACKR HEART RATE stays powered for the long haul.
  • Reliability: Through rugged testing, athletes have the confidence that TRACKR HEART RATE can withstand daily use and the toughest workouts. TRACKR HEART RATE is the perfect companion for rainy rides or sweaty runs. Rated IPX7, you can push your limits without worrying about the elements.

Gareth Joyce, CEO of Wahoo said “We are thrilled to launch the TRACKR HEART RATE monitor. Our goal was to create a device that athletes can rely on for accurate data, unmatched comfort, and seamless integration with their training ecosystems. TRACKR HEART RATE is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes, providing them with the tools to optimise their training and achieve their performance goals.” 

TRACKR HEART RATE is the first in the newly branded TRACKR line up of accessories from Wahoo, that will see a range of newly designed sensors for endurance athletes coming later this year and into 2025. The TRACKR accessory line will enable endurance athletes to build their personalised ecosystem for indoor and outdoor training to precisely measure their unique performance goals.

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