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Get Active strategy is a great step forward

The OIA are very pleased to see the publication of the government’s policy paper, “Get Active: a strategy for the future of sport and physical activity” launched last week. Stated aims of the strategy include:

– helping an additional 2.5 million adults and 1 million children to get physically active by 2030

– a new taskforce, led by the Culture Secretary and Sports minister, to drive the Get Active strategy forward.

OIA CEO Andrew Denton has had input into the paper, working alongside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), as well as many of our physical activity partners. Andrew said, “I’m delighted to see this strategy published, and that the OIA was canvassed and consulted during its drafting, and able to access a preview prior to publication. That involvement is a great example of the crucial role that we can play in getting Britain more active in the outdoors. Indeed, the title of the document – “Get Active” rather than “Sports Strategy” – is particularly worth noting, clearly aligning as it does with our long-maintained vision to “Get Britain Active Outdoors”, and its partner consumer campaign, “Get Outside“.

“This paper provides real clarity around the need for a government sport strategy that focuses on health and activity as much as, or more, than traditional “sports”, and we’ll be looking to playing our part in this major national activity drive.”

Head to the DCMS website, to view the paper and its accompanying press release; they both make for fascinating and encouraging reading.

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