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World Calisthenics Organisation set the raise the bar at BodyPower UK 2016

World Calisthenics Organisation set the raise the bar at BodyPower UK 2016

Head Coach and co-founder of the World Calisthenics Organisation, Kenneth Gallarzo, is bringing his calisthenics mission to the UK in the form of a fantastic new calisthenics feature at BodyPower UK, the largest fitness event in the country.

Boasting half a million followers on Instagram alone, Gallarzo is one of the leading stars of this emerging fitness trend, revitalised and reinvigorated as fitness begins to celebrate minimalism in training, owning a body that’s ‘self-made’ and showcasing unique feats of strength.

BodyPower has confirmed that an exciting element of their new Calisthenics feature will be hosting one of the famed ‘Battle of the Bars’ competitions, a new addition to an incredible line-up of competitions at the UK’s largest fitness event.

In a nutshell, Battle of the Bars was created by the World Calisthenics Organization and is the world’s leading professional calisthenics competition. Visitors to BodyPower will be able to see matched one-on-one contests with weight classes, a round system similar to combat sports, 10-point must, scoring and standardised judging criteria with 3 neutral judges. The competition will provide an incredible spectacle for visitors as the best calisthenics athletes on the planet compete against one another to show exactly what this cutting edge sport is all about.

BodyPower Managing Director Steve Orton commented: “I think bringing calisthenics to BodyPower is another example of the brand staying on the cusp of industry trends. There’s certainly an emergence of calisthenics workouts and people looking for that ‘calisthenics body’, and we’ve secured the absolute best showcase possible with Battle of the Bars and getting Kenneth Gallarzo to front the feature. It will be a real treat for visitors to see these incredible exploits of strength up close.”

From 13th to 15th May 2016, the NEC will welcome over 90,000 visitors to the annual BodyPower UK event, a staple fixture on the international fitness calendar. The new calisthenics feature will give visitors the chance to see live demonstrations and get advice from some of the world’s best exponents. Calisthenics is a celebration of movements that use the whole body cohesively, and BodyPower will deliver a perfect platform to increase awareness of this hot trend to a mass audience.

For the record number of fitness enthusiasts who have already purchased tickets and the thousands more planning to pay on the door, BodyPower UK 2016 is now on the horizon. The show is billed as the biggest and best event to date.

Standard tickets for BodyPower UK 2016 are now available from as little as £25.00.

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