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3 ways to ‘booost’ your online voice

Whether you are a gym owner, supplements store, reseller, club, blogger or an athlete, at some point you’ll want to get a bigger online voice.

In this article I will share with you the benefits of our mistakes, save you hours going down ‘rabbit holes’ and enable you to get the bigger online voice that you deserve.

I only ask in return that you contact me to review, sell or try an innovative sports supplement that will have you amazed because two British PhD scientists say that exercise performance can increase by +18.7%, from using it and you’re likely to not yet have heard of it.

Deal? Then let’s go:

Measure your online voice
You have a voice online through your website or your blog, but how big is your voice?

Many online consultants will tell me that this is wrong, yet I believe provides a basic measure of your voice.

For, simply enter the web address into the search field in and it will tell you it has a global measure of 555,166 and a GB local measure of 51,623.

This means that if you were to rank all websites based on their ‘voice’, would be number one and would be 52nd in the world & fifth in the UK

What is your ranking? You may only have a global ranking at present. Challenge yourself to rank higher and then have a country ranking.

YouTube is second only to Google is the most used search engine, but did you know YouTube is the second most used search engine with nearly one third of all searches?

Therefore creating a YouTube channel of videos is an extremely useful way to help your viewer/buyer find out about you – especially with video titles, such as ‘How to …’ or ‘10 ways to…’.
You don’t need a BBC film crew to help either. In fact, amateurs using a phone or laptop to record videos can come across as genuine, and as long as the content is useful to the viewer they’ll like what you do.

Create a useful infographic
An infographic is an image that shows a lot of information through pictures, graphs and drawings.

Viewers love to get their questions answered through looking at a simple set of drawings and some words and/or they may just be interested because they are engaged in the topic you are an expert in.

Ask yourself: “What questions are on the minds of my viewer/buyer and how can I answer these questions with a simple set of drawings and words?

Then post it on your website, share it via social media and ask other like-minded websites to share your infographic too.

Visit – a showcase website for Infographics.

Do you remember our deal?:

booost sells

Sir Roger Bannister wrote a paper in 1954 on the effects of using a higher percentage of oxygen in sport, so it is not new – booost is just rediscovering the benefits

In 2003 two British PhD scientists reviewed 22 previously published papers on hyperoxia – the use of a higher percentage of oxygen – and concluded the average increase in exercise performance was 18.7 per cent.

booost is the ideal product to be added to a range because it works, it will not be substituted by another product and it is the latest product to help serious sports people get through the wall.

Please contact Darren Smith to add booost to your range of supplements, either as a reseller, blogger, athlete or store.

Chris Froome used it during the Tour de France, so if it’s good enough for him…

For more information visit

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