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3kg Rubber Medicine Ball

The medicine ball is an excellent tool for a complete body workout, especially when combined with a Swiss Ball! Use it to strengthen shoulders, back, arms and legs, or to develop abdominal strength.

The medicine ball allows the user to flow and move in a more natural way when compared to a weight machine as they provide weight resistance through a full range of motion. As these medicine balls are made from rubber, they are waterproof and easy to grip. Ideal for anyone looking to improve their strength in the gym or at home, as well as athletes, boxers, weight lifters, for functional fitness, HIIT, racquet sports players, physio, and more!

• Waterproof
• Easy to grip
• Ideal for anyone looking to improve their strength

Product Details

• Brand: Fitness-Mad
• Material: Rubber
• Colour: Black
• Dimensions: 23cm (DIA)
• Weight: 3kg

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