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Getting Active and Seeing the World

Holidays can take many different forms, and one that you might find most interesting is the kind where you’re getting active at the same time — being as healthy as you can while broadening your perspective.
Even here, though, there are a number of ways to do this. Understanding your own preferences and tastes can help you to create a trip that ticks all of your boxes while still being completely unique to you.

Hiking Holidays

There are so many places around the world that pride themselves on large expanses of natural and rugged terrain. Your mind might immediately go to the extreme end of this, such as mountain ranges, but you’re missing out on a huge variety of options here. Hilly environments are less extreme, but can still allow for challenging walks that reward you with incredible views, but it’s worth remembering that gradients don’t have to be much a part of it at all.
Before you get started, however, you’ll need the proper equipment. For long trips, this will mean a good water bottle, and potentially clothes that keep you warm while also allowing for ventilation. Most importantly, though, is the footwear. Getting the right pair of women’s or men’s walking boots is the difference between an enjoyable hobby and one that leaves your feet in tatters at the end of every walk.

Sports Tours

If you’re already on some sort of sports team that participates in tours, then you’re in luck. A lot of people won’t, however, and they might prefer to turn their attention to tournaments or sports competitions taking place further afield that they’re interested in seeing. This can work too, and if you’re going with friends, it’s a good opportunity to engage with the sport a bit as well.
Even if you don’t end up doing that, the new locations that you explore as a result of the tour — cities and towns you’ve never been to — are likely to hold a lot of interest. You might find yourself surprised at how much walking around and exploring can do for your health, even when it’s not as dedicated as suggested by the previous example.

A Road Trip

There are different levels of activity, and while your first thought when seeing the term ‘road trip’ might be that this isn’t very active at all, you’re likely only thinking of the travel on the roads. If your road trip has many destinations and stops along the way, which might especially apply to those going through scenic, natural areas, then you and your friends might find yourselves wanting to get out and explore. It might not mean that you end up walking as much as you might do on a hiking holiday, or that it’s as committed of an effort, but that exercise will still accumulate and could have you hungry for more.

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