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MBT’s new-look AW08 range with high boots

This winter brave the elements and battle that inevitable post-summer bulge with the new MBT footwear range: the first ‘anti-shoe’ that cares for both feet and body, whatever the weather.

The departure of summer sees healthy intentions fall by the wayside as a step outside means hunching up against the chill and cramming summer soft feet into crippling winter footwear. MBT’s brand new and revolutionary winter range is filled with feet and bodycare solutions that will keep you walking tall, striding straight and looking fresh. The star of the new season is set to be the launch of the Tambo knee-high boot – a first for MBT and a must for ladies looking for elegance and toning.

Thanks to MBT technology your muscles will work harder, so not only will you look great, but with every step you will be walking your way to looking and feeling even better. The Masai sensor in the sole of the shoe is specially designed to recreate the sensation of walking on an unstable surface, which can boost muscle activity in your thighs by 19 per cent and nine per cent in your butt – so before long you’ll be ready to step into the new season’s slinkiest fashions.

New to the sport range is the Chapa GTX (pictured), the first MBTs to feature Gortex, which ensures shoes stay dry and fresh throughout the winter. Other new styles include Kaya, the sell-out style from the summer in new leather styles, and Barabara, a new casual shoe.

The MBT range features casual, sports and professional styles priced from £135. For stockists and full range details visit

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