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Beating the credit crunch

The Advance Performance running stores in Peterborough and Cambridge have reported strong sales despite the weakening economy. Compared with August last year, sales are up 60 per cent, with the increase attributed to the opening of the new Cambridge store in 2007 and the outlets’ loyal customer base.

“Says managing director, Samantha Hale (pictured): “By staying true to form and spending as much time as is needed with each customer, we build up good, long-lasting relationships which serve us well in harsher market conditions. Our experienced buyers make sure we stock the right products, have a good range of sizes in stock and understand the features of each model or garment.

“By advising on the right shoes, we can help people avoid injuries and make running as comfortable as possible. Over 85 per cent of our customers visit as a result of personal recommendation and this has been our mainstay for increasing our sales year on year.”

As well as the focus on customer service, the two stores also work closely with the local running communities.

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