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Target presents Carrera – a dart different to any other produced before

Target is proud to present Carrera, a dart different to any other produced before.

Carrera features unique, high precision milled axial Pixel Grip Technology, which combines Target’s dynamic axial cut groove with a precision radial cut to create a grip you can trust.

This outstanding barrel contains individual precision-milled pockets coated in black titanium nitride for the ultimate grip security, no matter what your grip type – something that has never been previously achieved.

The Pixel-Grip technology provides ultimate trust and comfort, meaning the player can improve their accuracy and scoring by concentrating on their throw.

Carrera C3 is steel tipped and will be available in 21g, 23g or 25g and features 192 individual precision milled pockets.

Carrera C4 is also a steel tip barrel and will be available in 22g and 24g and features 168 individual precision-milled pockets.

Both come with carbon steel tips and Japanese precision Laro shafts.

Carrera C1 and C2 are soft tip models featuring high quality LIPPOINT tips and Japanese precision Laro shafts. They are available in 18g only.

The stylish Carrera flight also features a completely unique design – translucent detailing contrasted with solid vignettes accentuates the look of this dart and completes the image of high precision engineering in both design and technology.

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