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Control the future today – how to manage Poa annua

Poa annua, also known as annual meadow grass, is a notorious problem for UK turf managers and greenkeepers who are looking to create perfect conditions for sporting or leisure activities. This is, in part, due to it being a grass, rather than a broadleaf weed, which means that it can be difficult to find the right chemical to control it, whilst not damaging the turfgrass. If Poa is not successfully treated, seedheads will emerge, and the problem will increase for the following year as it rapidly proliferates.
BASF offers highly innovative turf management solutions for amenity and sports turf sectors, and it has an effective solution for Poa management.

Attraxor® is a plant growth regulator that contains prohexadione calcium, a new active ingredient for turf care in the UK that reduces turf height by up to 30% and clippings by up to 70% following one application. By reducing longitudinal turf growth, Attraxor® reduces the frequency of mowing, increases sward density and root formation, and greens up the turf.

Attraxor® produces a consistent effect for up to four weeks after application, so there is no need to adjust the dose rate, regardless of the cutting height. It is effective on all cool season grass species, such as Agrostis spp., Festuca spp., Lolium perenne, Holcus lanatus and Poa pratensis.

Ideally applied early in the year, Attraxor® limits the spread of Poa annua by reducing seedhead production by up to 38% and physiologically weakening but not killing the plant. Using an innovative formulation for fast leaf absorption, the product provides almost instant results, as it is activated once diluted in water at low pH. Contrary to other plant growth regulators that need to be activated by the plant enzymes, Attraxor® can be used earlier or later in the season during cooler weather (optimal temperature between 7-20 oC).

Attraxor® can be tank mixed with liquid fertilisers, adjuvants, biostimulants and crop protection products.

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