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Find out more about Up &Running’s Social Run Groups

Up & Running has been an integral part of the running community ever since the first store opened in 1992 and they are still here to keep you motivated and achieving no matter what your running goals. Their commitment to the community runs throughout the company, ranging from weekly SRGs to becoming a foundation partner of community initiatives such as One Running Movement.

What is social run group?

Social Run Group is a weekly 5k run that takes place at the majority of Up & Running stores up and down the country. You can visit to find your nearest store, as well as what day and time the run takes place. We believe that SRG is a fun, free and friendly initiative that is open to anyone.

Who gets involved – Are they for all levels of running?

Anyone and everyone can be involved with SRG, no matter what your running capabilities or training goals are. The groups are led by enthusiastic SRG ambassadors who guide and support all of the runners along the route – involving crossing roads and keeping the group together.

How do the runners benefit from these runs?

The main rewards that runners obtain from SRG is getting fit and being involved in a social setting, as well as being motivated and celebrated by other group members. Each week you run; you will receive a stamp on your SRG card to earn a variety of running rewards throughout the year. These rewards include an official SRG t-shirt, technical running socks/an SRG Headhog and a £35 voucher to use in store. If you’re a dedicated SRG runner, there might just be a special reward in store for you at the end of the year!

What do these runs involve – Are they different every week?

Each SRG is a 5k run from the store and the routes will vary each week. No matter how big or small the groups may be, they will always remain together – with regroups happening along the way. Stores will often have try-on evenings that tie in with their SRG runs, which enables runners to try on shoes from their favourite running brands.

While every store has a traditional 5k road route, some stores offer different runs on different nights. There may be a trail series through the summer months or headtorch runs at other locations, giving runners the opportunity to try something different within the safety of a group.

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