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Puma commits suppliers to sustainability reporting

Twenty of Puma’s key suppliers in South East Asia and other major sourcing regions have agreed to issue individual sustainability reports from 2011.

The move comes as Puma endeavours to enhance transparency, as well as social and working conditions, in its supply chain by advising factory management on weaknesses in their operations.

The suppliers, based in countries such as China, Vietnam and Cambodia, produce more than two-thirds of all Puma products.

They will receive Global Reporting Initiative certified training on transparent measurement and reporting on their sustainability performance using GRI G3 Guidelines, the world’s most widely used framework for sustainability reporting.

“Supply chain sustainability reporting is a key part of Puma’s overall sustainability strategy,” says Dr Reiner Hengstmann, global director of supply chain.

“Without sustainable suppliers we will not be able to produce sustainable products or credibly report about Puma’s own sustainability initiatives.”

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