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Sport needs to change to appeal to teens

Aimed at 13-16-year-olds, Smash Up! Sessions feature music, no dress codes and no formal coaching.

Over 800 schools are involved in the scheme, which launched six months ago.

Smash Up! has now been nominated for this year’s National Lottery Awards.

“There is a need to think and do things differently if we are to help more teenagers to be active,” Julia Strong from Badminton England says.

“Over 28 per cent of children in England are overweight and, just as importantly, many young people miss out on the benefits of an active lifestyle on their mental health, confidence and happiness. 

“Sports and games should be great fun, but by age 12 or 13 many have been put off formal sport.

“We need to listen to them.

“We designed Smash Up! together with young people and that made a difference.

“We are nominated for a national award. which we would love to win on behalf of the thousands of young people involved to celebrate them for getting active and enjoying it.”

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