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The Best European Countries for an Outdoor Workout

These factors were analysed across the most populated countries in Europe, to discover where has the best conditions for outdoor exercise.

Spain ranks first for the best country for an outdoors workout, with a score of 97/100. Boasting an average temperature of 22°C, coupled with an impressively low 50% average relative humidity. Additionally, Spain has the lowest total level of precipitation (142 mm) in the entirety of the study.

In second place is France with a score of 93/100. Keeping an average temperature of 19°C, France is also home to 16,955 hiking trails, giving you plenty of opportunity to explore new landscapes on your adventures.

Completing the top three is Italy with a score of 90/100. Similarly to Spain, Italy has a high average temperature of 21°C that is aided by 1,198 hours of sunshine. All of the top three countries for an outdoor workout are situated on the Mediterranean.

Stefan Balkenende, from, said: “Bringing your workout to the outdoors can be pivotal to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Exercising in the outdoors and you morning work out allows you to experience unique scenery and face new challenges, which in turn will make the experience much more fulfilling.
“Opting to exercise in the sun will help to increase your serotonin levels, this, coupled with the endorphins that your body releases through exercise, combine together to make the perfect recipe for a strong and healthy mindset. This is also something which you can enjoy with company, as adding in the social aspect will help your brain to recognise the activity as something you look forward to, as opposed to what feels like a chore.”

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