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OXYfit – train harder, longer and with better results

For most, these are they times they train for, when they know it’s all worthwhile. It is also, by no coincidence, the moment in training when the body is working most efficiently and effectively, leading to greater fitness and enhanced long-term performance.

OXYfit – oxygen in a can – is designed to extend that period of optimal training, giving athletes the confidence of knowing they can:

• Train harder.
• Train for longer.
• Get more from their fitness sessions, so improvement accelerates.

Importantly, for people living modern, busy lives, it also aids rapid recovery.

This means OXYfit can help athletes fit in more training sessions during the day and ensure they have more energy to get on with other activities, whether it be working, looking after children or having a social life.

Swiss-made OXYfit does this by rapidly replenishing the oxygen consumed during physical exertion. Athletes get increasingly tired and eventually physically exhausted because they experience oxygen debt. Their bodies cannot replace oxygen quickly enough by breathing air alone.

OXYfit, which is 99.5 per cent pharmaceutical grade oxygen, allows the athlete to quickly build up oxygen levels in the blood when they need it most – during intense physical activity – effectively countering the effect of oxygen debt.

What’s more, OXYfit achieves this with something that is pure and 100 per cent natural. What could be more natural that oxygen? OXYfit is safe, quick and easy to use, and has no side effects.

The product comes in lightweight two, five, eight, 66 and 110 litre cans. It is used by simply inhaling the oxygen in several short bursts in rest periods during training sessions.

Research from more than 20 studies has confirmed the exercise benefits of hyperoxia – the scientific word for enhanced oxygen levels in the blood caused by breathing higher than normal concentrates of oxygen enriched air.

These studies have shown that breathing oxygen:

• Improves endurance. The Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports has reported that breathing higher concentrations of oxygen compared with normal air, which is 21 per cent oxygen, increases run time to exhaustion on a treadmill by up to 75 per cent.

• Breaks the performance plateau. Researchers at the University of New Mexico showed that breathing an air mixture with 70 per cent oxygen allowed experienced cyclists, thought to be training at their maximum capacity, to increase performance during intensive exercise by 32 per cent in just six weeks, with heart rates declining by around five beats per minute.

• Speeds up recovery. A study specifically investigating the effect of OXYfit has found it helps people recover more quickly from exercise, so their performance during and following periods of exertion is improved.

The research was carried out at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague. Sports scientists measured the effect of OXYfit on the performance of student ice hockey players when they inhaled it between two bursts of intense exercise, known as the Wingate Test.

The researchers concluded that the results “convincingly demonstrated” that OXYfit “positively affected” performance. Compared with ice hockey players who breathed only air, the players who had used OXYfit experienced a 50 per cent improvement in performance during the second period of exercise.

These overall findings – enhanced endurance, reaching new levels of performance and better recovery – are backed up by the experiences of athletes already using OXYfit as an integral part of their training regimes.

Triathlete Dan Sims, who won his age group and came 5th overall in last year’s UK Sprint Triathlon Championships, said: “OXYfit is superb for recovery. It definitely gives me the edge.

“I can breathe it during and after training and I am good to get straight on with the rest of my day and then do another training session later on.

“Before using OXYfit, if I did an hour of swimming and two hours of cycling first thing in the morning I would have to have a lie down afterwards. With OXYfit I am finding the recovery amazing and it’s totally natural.”

Dan, a fitness instructor with a masters degree in sports science, added: “During intense training you are, in effect, injuring the body as muscles tear and the body is put under pressure. Breathing oxygen helps the healing process.

“OXYfit has definitely allowed me to get back into serious training much faster after injury. It will have contributed to my performance in the UK championships. After training your body is starved of oxygen and this replenishes it very quickly.”

Endurance athlete Mike Buss has broken more than 40 extreme fitness world records over the last eight years. His most recent challenge was to complete 100 marathons in 100 days.

Mike used OXYfit during the last five marathons, and explains: “My marathon times had been falling as I expected. But after using OXYfit and despite carrying a 40-pound pack for the last five marathons, I was completing them in faster times.

“Since I had changed nothing else, OXYfit must have had something to do with that. I will now continue to use it during training and future challenges.”

Championship winning natural bodybuilder Richard Gozdecki uses OXYfit specifically to help him through the most intense elements of his punishing training regime. In that way, he focuses its use on where it has the biggest impact.

He said: “OXYfit is awesome for recovery between sets. It gives you the confidence to know that when you’re facing the last few reps of a set you have that extra oxygen in your blood to really push for optimum performance – and that you can quickly recover for the next set.

“It’s just become part of what I do to try to be the best. I carry OXYfit in my kit bag all the time now. I wouldn’t be without my bottle of water and I wouldn’t be without my oxygen either.”

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