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Performing for the cameras with Q-Camz

Designed to bring absolute freedom and reliability to the most avid sportsman, the range of cameras, available from specialist technology distributor Midwich, is suitable for cross-country, canoeing trips, Nordic walking, mountain biking, motorsport and much more – offering the latest tech while giving you a great margin opportunity.

Packed with the latest technology, Q-Camz allows participants to capture and share the action in real time.

The new Q-Wifi FHD, is one of the first smartphone compatible action cameras that allows users to shoot high definition video and share in real time via social networking sites.

So now the latest ski run or mountain biking stage can be uploaded to a Facebook page before the gloves are even off.

A great addition to any equipment sale, the Q-WiFi FHD includes accessories that allow users to attach the camera to any type of helmet, including motor and mountain bike, ski and skydive, as well as a handlebar attachment for mounting the camera onto bicycles, jet skis, 4×4 off roadsters and motorbikes.

You can review circuits, laps and jumps to improve performance or simply just to relive the thrill of the action.

Q-Wifi FHD, the product’s ‘Shoot & Share’ technology, is also fully compatible with both Apple and Android devices. This allows users to completely control the Q-Wifi camera direct from a smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, the range also includes Q-Camz sunglasses, which offer much more than meets the eye.

With a camera, music player and sunglasses all in one, users can store up to 80,000 photos with the built-in memory or play back six hours of continuous music from a single charge. RF remote control is also included.
A high speed SpyCam is also available for those adrenaline enthusiasts, giving users the ability to stealthily capture photos and video, all controlled from an Apple or Android portable device.

To view the Q-Camz range visit

To see the cameras in action visit for a choice of adrenalin packed videos.

Specialist technology distributor Midwich has been supplying the trade for over 30 years.

For more details on the full range of Q-Camz products call the Midwich team on 01379 646889

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