A week before the Boston Marathon Seidel reduces mileage and amps up recovery with Firefly Recovery

Molly Seidel has been finding ways to win all her life. The former Gatorade National Female Cross Country Runner of the Year has been pushing herself to the limits of performance since she was a teenager.

She has posted some of the most impressive long-distance running performances at the high school and collegiate levels over the past decade. Seidel’s efforts have manifested in the forms of championships and medals, and plenty of them. She completely swept the cross country, 3200m, and 1600m Wisconsin state titles during her time in high school, with an incredible 12 titles.

As a collegiate runner at Notre Dame, she kept dominating, securing multiple national championships in cross country and in long-distance indoor track and field. As a professional runner, Molly is just getting started; she competed in her first Olympics in Tokyo 2021, securing a bronze medal in only her third ever marathon. Just months later, she finished fourth at the New York Marathon with a time of 2:24:42; setting a new course record by an American woman.

Seidel’s natural talent is obvious, but her spectacular performances are not borne of innate ability alone. She is meticulous with her training and recovery process, making sure that her body is in the best position it can be in for competition. For athletes of her calibre, recovery is not a passive venture. Instead, it is an active process, in which the athlete must coax their body to the height of preparedness.

For Molly, part of that is carefully reducing her workload as she approaches a race. She explains, “The two weeks leading into a marathon I taper my mileage to help my legs get back a bit of freshness. I go from 135 miles per week down to about 90 or 100 during race week.”

In addition to tapering miles, Seidel also focuses on increasing both blood flow and sleep to allow the body the maximum opportunity for internal repair and recuperation. Seidel said: “Recovery is super important, especially in the weeks leading into a race, so I make sure I’m getting a lot of sleep and using my Firefly Recovery devices to prime my muscles as much as possible.” By catching up on her rest and by stimulating blood flow to her leg muscles with Firefly Recovery devices, Seidel can keep herself in optimal condition for competition.

One element Seidel does not really alter leading up to a big race is her nutrition, Seidel said: “I don’t change much about my diet leading into races, I don’t believe in carbo-loading.” The one modification she does make is cutting out all alcohol, however she exclaimed, “that makes me enjoy the post-race beer even more!”

Molly’s preparation allows her to compete at the top of her sport and to continue getting better day by day. Her career is just getting started, and she’s primed to be one of the world’s best distance runners for years to come; we’ll be waiting eagerly to see what she pulls off next.

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