Brooks employs new tech to support sustainable supply chains & responsible sourcing initiatives

TrusTrace, a global SaaS company with a market-leading platform for supply chain traceability and compliance, today announced that Brooks Running, a global performance running footwear and apparel company, has selected the TrusTrace platform to deepen visibility across its manufacturing supply chain and help identify and mitigate responsible sourcing and business continuity risks.

“Brooks Running has recently partnered with TrusTrace to expand its commitment to tracing its supply chain in granular detail to help create a more sustainable business,” TrusTrace CEO and Co-Founder Shameek Ghosh said. “At TrusTrace we have a vision of the future where all value chains are traceable, circular and fair, and we are excited to partner with Brooks to support them on their journey towards achieving transparency and their responsible sourcing objectives. Through gathering granular data on where and how their products are produced, Brooks will be able to identify and work to improve the social and environmental impact of their supply chain, as well as comply with complex regulations.”

The partnership enables Brooks to make further progress towards the brands’ long term commitments to tracing its supply chain, respecting human rights and reducing environmental impact. “Visibility into the factories that manufacture Brooks products, materials and raw materials is critical to ensure our responsible sourcing standards outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct are upheld,” explained Dave Kemp, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Brooks. “The expansive and complex nature of our manufacturing supply chain makes this visibility difficult. TrusTrace enables us to identify and mitigate responsible sourcing and business continuity risks and increase due diligence for customs compliance.”

At the end of 2022, 100% of Brooks’ Tier 1 factories were using TrusTrace, with more than 130 Tier 2 and more than 70 Tier 3 factories invited to the platform. Looking ahead, Brooks will use TrusTrace to trace at the individual product level, enabling deeper transparency to consumers on where Brooks’ product and materials are manufactured, while improving efficiency of chain of custody data collection for compliance with laws and regulations.

TrusTrace is a leader in supply chain traceability and compliance, powering traceability programs for many of the largest fashion brands in the world. The platform empowers brands with verified data in real-time, as materials and finished goods move through the supply chain. Through its open architecture, the TrusTrace platform integrates seamlessly with retailer, manufacturer and supplier systems, as well as other third-parties, such as certification agencies, lifecycle datasets and other sustainability solution providers.

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