Digital Marketing Tips For a Sports Business

We typically think of sports as something that happens out there, in the real world, away from smartphones and the internet and so forth. But of course, this isn’t really the case. The fusion of sports and tech has been happening for some time; you can see the evidence by watching more or less any professional sporting event. And if you’re running a sports-related business, then you ignore the digital world at your peril. These days, a casual relationship with technology and the internet will no longer suffice. Your competition will be utilising the power of the web, so you should, too!

The good news is that this is A. not overly difficult, and B. can be highly effective. In this blog, we will run through some of the smartest digital marketing tips for sports companies. If you’re looking to attract more visitors to your site (and who isn’t?), then give these a try.

Establish Your Credibility
People take their passions seriously, and, as such, they want to know that the companies they’re turning towards also take them seriously. So if you’re going to grow your client base, then you’ll need to establish—and constantly reaffirm—your sporting credibility. How can you do this? By offering useful, informative content on your blog. Let’s say you have a company that provides training camps for promising footballers. In that case, you could look at expert football tips and insights and then write blogs and social media tweets that show your intended audience that you know what you’re talking about.

Google My Business
You might know that you can deliver the good (physically or metaphorically), but newcomers to your business won’t know that. They’ll need to see all the signs that you’re a legitimate, professional outfit. And the first place they’ll encounter these signs—or lack of—is on Google. You’ll know from your own internet use how reliant people are on Google. Even if they know the website address, they’ll often opt just to type the name into the search engine and follow the link from there. The Google results page can tell you a lot about a company, however. If you haven’t claimed your ‘Google My Business’ page, then do so now. That way, you can fill the page with all your information. The more it has, the more credible that your website will be.

Get The Website Look
Of course, you can’t expect Google to do all of the work! They can provide the early hints that you’re the real deal, but you’ll need to have a website that really cements that view. If you’re trying to present your company as modern, high-quality, and professional, then you should have a website that reflects those qualities. It is possible to design a website with minimal experience. But just because it’s possible, that doesn’t mean that you should. You’ll need to pay a website designer to get the level of work that your business deserves, but it’s a worthy investment.

High-Quality Photos and Videos
Sports is a visual sport, above everything else. You can read about it, but that’s not the same as watching it—that is the primary sense that the activity activates. Take a look at the best sports websites (business or otherwise), and you’ll find that, generally, they’re heavy on visual stimuli. High-quality photos and videos will say more than text can!

Social Media Channels
It would be preferable to have everyone visit your website since that’s where conversions will take place. But realistically, that’s not going to happen. The majority of your audience will interact with your business via your social media channels; indeed, they might exclusively interact with your business on those websites. That’s not a bad thing—after all, there’s a lot of scope for growing a business via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The rules are slightly different for those websites, however. You probably can’t be quite as specific as you would be on your website since the audience is more general. Broadly interesting content in a series of mediums (video, infographics, photos, text) will help you to grow your list of followers. And there’ll naturally be a kick-on effect for your website visitor numbers, too, providing you occasionally link to your site!

Big Sporting Events
You’ll probably post specific content around Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, things like that. But if you’re running a sports business, then you’ll have many other de facto “holidays.” These are the big sporting events, such as the World Cup, FA Cup Final, Olympics, and big blockbuster boxing matches, that you can capitalise on. Of course, not all will be applicable, depending on the type of business that you run.

Review Performance
After you’ve been engaging in marketing tactics for a while, you’ll have all the data you need to improve your digital marketing campaigns moving forward. But it’ll only be effective if you look at that data. For example, you’ll be able to see which blog posts worked well, which Facebook images received the most engagement, things like that. Eventually, you’ll see a pattern of what the people like, and that’s the type of content you should post.

Finally, keep consistency in mind. You won’t revolutionise your digital marketing overnight. It’ll be a process, but one that, once it’s in place, can have long-lasting effects. Regularity, consistency, and standardisation are the keys that’ll take you there, particularly in two areas; the consistency of your branding and the consistency of your posting. Do you always have the same voice and colours for your content? And are you pumping out content regularly (once a week, for example)? If you do both these things and do both of them well, then you’ll be on the right path.

It’s not easy to grow your sports business in any field, online or otherwise. But while it’ll never be a stroll in the park, there are many things you can do that’ll make things easier for you. Take the tips that we’ve outlined above, and you’ll likely see an increase in website visitors and engagement.

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