Pulseroll is the UK’s Leader in Percussion Massage Products

Who provide some of the biggest sporting bodies such as British Athletics, GB Boxing, British Fencing, British Weightlifting, Loughborough Sport and even sectors of the UK Armed Forces Sports clubs.
Our product client base compromises of elite level athletes such as Anthony Joshua, Jessica Ennis Hill and Justin Rose (to name a few), right the way through to the everyday worker and fitness enthusiast.
We provide several market leading and scientifically proven products that are used by leading physiotherapists around the world to help end users achieve a better physical wellbeing and boost their work-out performance.

There are a number of areas that we can support your business and we are confident that we offer the highest realised margin rates of any professional competitor within this sector

POP STANDS: We have 2 versions:
• Free Standing: (see attached)
• Table top:
• Stands hold up to 24 units of stock
• Comes with 5 Samples for demonstration @ 60% discount of RRP
• Free stands worth £400 with orders over £1500

The Pulseroll vibrating product range is the next generation of warm-up and recovery aids for all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The combination of pressure and vibration helps reduce muscle tightness and increases flexibility and reduce next day soreness (DOMS) after your training session. The New Pulseroll Mini gun offers a more compact version of the Pulseroll main Gun but it’s just as powerful with a 40lb stall force . At just 14cm tall, the Mini Gun is about the same size as your new mobile phone so it can easily fit into your Gym bag or Handbag and is very travel friendly. 4 Percussive vibration speeds along with our Quiet Motion Technology(TM) provide you with therapeutic and individual treatment session to ensure you receive the best preparation and recovery experience. This item comes with 4 uniquely designed attachment heads which are easily interchangeable, that can help you target the unwanted pain or soreness, and a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ION battery that provides over 6 hours battery life (at lower speeds).

Sports Partnerships:

Pulseroll are proud & delighted to announce our official supplier partnership with Norwich City FC. We are looking forward to supporting the team players, coaching and physiotherapy staff through their journey back to the Premier League in the 21/22 season

Pulseroll are extremely excited to announce our official partnership with Worcestershire County Cricket Club. This is another exciting step for Pulseroll as we continue to grow our portfolio of partnerships. This partnership will see the Worcestershire squad benefit from Pulseroll’s range of scientifically proven products as they chase success on a number of fronts during the upcoming 2021 campaign.

Pulseroll are delighted to announce our official partnership with British Gymnastics. This deal is the latest addition to a growing portfolio of National Governing Body partners for Pulseroll. We are looking forward to supporting athletes on their journey to the Tokyo Olympics and beyond with a range of next generation products which are scientifically proven to optimise recovery, support performance and improve range of movement.

SKY TV / PULSEROLL: Pulseroll have been working hard to bring the brand name into homes across the UK through our sponsorship program and official supplier drive.
One of our biggest projects was to deliver a short brand video through TV channels which has been successfully launched through SKY TV.
This is another exciting step for Pulseroll as we broaden our audience through-out 2021 with more to come!

Scientifically proven products: Improving joint range of motion with Pulseroll gun therapy / Joint range of motion: implications for health and sports performance::

Range of motion (ROM) is the measurement of movement around a specific joint in the body. The range of motion around a particular joint, often called flexibility, involves coordinated movement with minimal resistance, typically this can involve many structures including ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, or joints as a whole. In order for a joint to have a full range of motion, it must therefore have adequate flexibility. Limited range of motion refers to a joint that has a significant reduction in its normal ability to move. Motion may be limited for several reasons; because of a problem within the joint, swelling of tissue around the joint, stiffness of the muscles, or pain.

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