The Rugby Powerhouse, Who is Also an Investor in Therabody, Becomes the Company’s First Ambassador in the Sport

Therabody, the global leader in tech wellness and the creators of the Theragun®, announced today world-class rugby player Maro Itoje as its newest athlete ambassador. In addition to being a Therabody Athlete, Itoje is part of Therabody’s roster of athlete and celebrity investors who incorporate wellness solutions into their routines.

Itoje monitors his body every day and uses his Therabody devices to target strained areas that may require intervention. Because rugby is such a physically demanding sport, he often experiences varying degrees of soreness on any given day. He moves the Theragun across harder-to-reach areas of his body, using different grips on the device’s patented ergonomic triangle design that reduces the strain on his joints. He also wears RecoveryAir pneumatic compression boots even during his at-home recovery routine to improve blood circulation, help decrease swelling and stiffness, and alleviate muscle fatigue.

“I am excited to join Therabody as an ambassador, after investing earlier this year, because it’s a brand I truly believe in,” explains professional rugby player Maro Itoje. “Rugby is an extremely physical sport and recovery is an integral part of the process. Therabody allows me to recover more quickly and efficiently, helping me stay in great shape and providing me with that extra 1% to compete at the highest level.”

A seasoned veteran of the game at only 26 years old, Itoje’s combination of strength, athletic ability, and intellect have allowed him to rise to the top of his game. He is constantly searching for new ways to improve himself and his performance, such as his pursuit of the best training solutions like Therabody, maintaining a healthy diet and sleep regimen, and furthering his wellness education. The company will equip Itoje with several devices from across its ecosystem of therapies that he plans to leverage while he is on tour in South Africa this summer.

“When we first started working with Maro, we immediately noticed how excited he was to learn about our solutions, how they enhance his body’s natural ability to perform and recover, and how he could integrate them into his wellness regimen,” says Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody.

“He understands that he must work just as hard off the pitch as he does during matches and training sessions, and dedicates time to ensuring his recovery incorporates a diverse set of products and techniques. We’re thrilled that Maro has chosen to include Therabody in his routine.” Itoje participated in educational sessions with performance and wellness experts from Therabody University, the company’s educational division.

Itoje is represented by Roc Nation, both on and off the pitch. For more information about Therabody’s partnership with Maro Itoje, please visit

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