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Running Industry Alliance (RIA) & England Athletics (EA): Empowering the Future of Running Together

Running Industry Alliance (RIA) and England Athletics (EA) are pleased to present the annual “National Running Report”, a collaborative effort between EA and RIA beginning with first-look at The Running Conference 2023.

This comprehensive report serves as a deep dive into the running habits, trends and issues prevalent across the nation. Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the thoughts, aspirations and actions of runners, serving as a vital resource for organisations, individuals and businesses involved in the running industry.

The drivers and purpose of the collaborative working party and the report are to create the following, with a sub-heading and theme based on key findings each year:

• A focused understanding of the running landscape
• Gain and share insights into running habits and identify trends
• Drive further collaboration and industry growth
• Power to drive positive change together

The National Running Report offers a detailed analysis of the current state of running in the nation. It explores the ever-evolving landscape of running and examines the key factors influencing runners’ behaviours and preferences which are key to understanding current and future trends.

Through meticulous research carried out by EA and in collaboration with RIA, the analysis through a nationally representative research with sample of c.80,000 collated over the last 6 years, the report delves into topics such as participation rates, running motivations, training techniques, sustainability elements, preferred event formats, and the impact of technology on the running experience.

At its core, the report focuses on providing actionable insights into the habits and trends shaping the running community, as taken at that point in time annually. By examining data collected from the survey and extensive research, the report will identify emerging patterns and understand the evolving needs and desires of runners. This invaluable information equips organisations and individuals (B2B) with the knowledge to make informed decisions, shape their strategies, and fine-tune their business planning for the year ahead (B2B2C).

The National Running Report plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration within the running industry. Annually unveiled at The Running Conference (TRC), this report is part of the conference opening sessions in “The Market Place”, providing attendees with a “first look” into the latest findings and analysis from this trusted collaboration. As the industry’s premier running industry (B2B) meet up event, TRC serves as a platform for industry leaders, organisations and professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and chart the potential future course of running for the wider running industry.

Co-Leads Rebecca Richardson and Jonathan Midwood from RIA said: “We believe that the National Running Report has the power to drive positive change within the running business community. By fostering a greater understanding of the needs and aspirations of runners, this report empowers stakeholders to take action, address key issues, and propel the running industry forward. Together, we can create an inclusive, sustainable, and thriving running ecosystem that benefits individuals, organisations, and the nation as a whole.”

Dan Isherwood, Head of Operations at England Athletics, commented: “The report acts as a matrix, guiding attendees in aligning their business strategies with the current trends, challenges, and opportunities within the running landscape that would potentially not be seen without this collaborative and trusted research. By harnessing the knowledge and data within this report, we can collectively shape the future of the sport and business of running, enhance the running experience, and drive industry business and growth together.”

“As we unveil the latest edition of the National Running Report, we invite you to dive deep into its findings, extract valuable insights, and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with us at The Running Conference 2023 and beyond.”

The report will be used as a foundation for annual understanding, collaboration and innovation, with the potential to propel the nation to new heights in the dynamic world of running by the two entities working together and a first-look sharing at TRC23.

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