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inov-8 to launch new boot and shoe at ispo 10

inov-8 is launching two new products at ispo 10:

griproc 325 – the world’s lightest approach shoe

The griproc 325 has a sticky rubber outsole that provides superb friction on rock and reassuring grip on mixed terrain.

The griproc 325 has two unique and revolutionary features. First, the Edging-Plate shank provides a stiffened section on the inside (medial) edge of the sole for improved performance while climbing (imagine facing inwards while climbing – it is the inside edge of the foot that a climber ‘edges’ on and it is this section that has this stiffening. The griproc outsole is constructed from sticky rubber and the entire forefoot section has been smoothed off so that a climber gets maximum friction when smearing.

Second, the heel of the griproc 325 is studded like a fell running shoe to provide grip when descending steep grass, mud and difficult ground. The studded heel will ensure that the griproc 325 is the ideal shoe for approaches to typical British crags, especially in the Lake District and Scotland where a variety of terrain is often encountered.

A karabiner loop on each shoe means they can be carried easily on a harness, and as each shoe weighs only 325g they’ll be hard to notice. However, a durable nubuck leather upper will ensure that the griproc 325 is tough enough to cope
with the abrasion expected while climbing. Lacing extended to the toe ensures a precise and secure fit when climbing. The griproc 325 is an all-round mountain approach shoe designed for climbers.

roclite 400 GTX – The world’s lightest leather Gore-Tex walking boot

Float across marshes, stride over the hills and leap between mountains. At 400g per boot, the roclite 400 GTX leather walking boot, featuring Gore-Tex climate control technology, is the world’s lightest leather GTX boot. The roclite 400 GTX is the modern interpretation of the traditional leather walking boot. Light and responsive, this boot is set to revolutionise mountain walking comfort.

Combining the durability and comfort of nubuck leather, a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liner and inov-8’s expertise at reducing weight, the result is a fantastic walking boot that sets a new standard that all other walking boots will be measured against. The boot is mid-cut and features lateral and medial posting that provide torsional support, which helps cradle tired feet on long days in the mountains. Even though the roclite 400 GTX has some support, it remains a neutral boot and very much in keeping with inov-8s philosophy of working with the natural biomechanics of the foot.

The roclite outsole is constructed from sticky rubber for optimum grip in all types of terrain. With Gore-Tex climate control technology, walkers, trekkers and ramblers alike will be assured of a waterproof and breathable experience that will make every walk in the hills a pleasure.

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inov-8 strive to produce the lightest product without compromising
performance or durability. Because the lever effect of carrying 100g extra
on your foot uses the same amount of energy as carrying 500g on your back,
setting off into the hills in a pair of roclite(tm) 400 GTX(r) boots will
ensure each step feels light and airy compared to weight of traditional
walking boot.

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