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Blueseventy’s NeroTX is race ready for 2010

FINA, swimming’s world governing body, has given the thumbs-up to Blueseventy’s neroTX swimskin.

The new suit features the very latest in modern textile fabric technology, making as much up-to-the-minute technology as possible available to the swimmer.

2009 has been an exciting yet turbulent year in the pool, with uncertainty about the direction of swimwear ruling. However, with suits now approved swimmers can look forward to 2010. The bodysuit has been banished, but a new generation of suits is now ready to take its place.

Blueseventy CEO, Steve Nicholls, says: “We’ve taken time to get the neroTX right and it’s been extensively tested by scientists and swimmers. Whilst staying within FINA’s latest guidelines, we’ve produced a super lightweight, compressive, hydrophobic material that repels water effectively and drastically decreases drag.

“Swimwear has commanded a lot of attention over the last 18 months. We entered the swimming market because we were fascinated by the bodysuit and its exciting impact on the sport. We’ve developed a loyal following and helped swimmers break numerous records.

“We’ve applied the same passion for design and innovation to the neroTX that turned the record breaking Blueseventy nero into the top-selling race suit in the world.”

The neroTX is made from a unique highly compressive, ultra low drag, water smart fabric. Blueseventy’s exclusive fabric is produced using a warp multifilament treated nylon with an extremely thin yarn count. The entire neroTX range is ultrasonically welded, further eliminating the drag that’s created from traditionally sewn suits.

Nicolls adds: “We are committed to bringing innovation into swimming and have also developed a carbon fibre goggle that is lighter and faster than any other goggle we have tested. We’re constantly looking at technology from other sports that we can apply to the water to help swimmers go faster. Carbon fibre has revolutionised performances in cycling and triathlon, and we think it will have a big impact on swimming as well.”

The new nero range will be available from January 2010. A limited number of Carbon RZR goggles are already in circulation.

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