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The legacy that is Gold’s Gym

Can you tell me the history of Pan World Brands Ltd?

Pan World Brands is a multibrand global import, export and distribution company of fashionable sports performance apparel, sports equipment, workwear apparel and safety footwear.

The company have built strong relationships with their suppliers in the Far East, Indian sub-continent, Europe and the USA over the 25 plus years since the Company was established. Their diverse portfolio of products and extensive European network of retail customers and distributors enables them to remain flexible and deliver efficiently to align with their customer requirements.

Operated from head offices and showrooms in the UK and also from central European office based in Germany. Well respected and recognised as a global organisation, Pan World Brands has the expertise to deliver high quality goods with superior service.

You have the European licence for Gold’s Gym products. Can you tell me about the brand?

Gold’s Gym is a legacy. Since earning itself a cult following way back in 1965 as a tiny studio in Venice, California – created by former bodybuilder and US Marine, Joe Gold as a place for him and his friends to train – it’s a name that nearly everyone knows, world-over.

Gold’s Gym has transformed over the years from this legacy brand that people associate with images of Arnold Schwarzenegger pumping iron in the ’70s, into a modern fitness empire. And also, how it’s taken advantage of technology to completely turn itself around; becoming accessible to all and giving everyone, no matter their fitness level, a tailored service and thus the opportunity to achieve their goals. Today, the gym franchise boasts 700 locations in 37 US states and 20 other countries with over three million members worldwide.

As the only true heritage gym/ fitness brand together with the ever growing market in health and fitness Gold’s Gym branded clothing and accessories are proving to be extremely popular all over the world.

What Gold’s Gym lines do you carry?

Pan World Brands has the license to design produce and distribute the following licensed products: Backpacks, Beanies, Hats, Drawstring bags, Duffle Bags, Jackets, Pyjamas, Pants, Polos, Shirts, Sports Bras, Sweat Pants, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, T-shirts, Towels, Visors, Yoga pants, Water bottles and Shaker bottles.

How can retailers access the products?

Retailers can register themselves on the website where they can view and order the full range of products.

Do you cater for all sizes of retailers?

We cater for all sizes of retailers and distributors from single outlet business to multi-national companies.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order quantity and there is free shipping on orders over £150 in the UK.

After placing an order when can retailers expect delivery?

Retailers can expect their delivery typically 2-3 days from order.

What services do you offer retailers?

We have recently developed a live CVS stock file that retailers can plug into which will help them manage their stock holdings, also marketing material and brand imagery is available to populate websites and any in-store marketing material that may be required.

Are there new lines coming out for Gold’s Gym?

We are always adding new items periodically into the range, we don’t have seasonal revamps like you would typically see in a fashion range. We are currently introducing camo print variations of the core stringer vest along with new cotton elastane mix fabrics in a tank vest. Large armhole opening garments are very popular and we are introducing a sleeveless lightweight hooded fleece garment for Autumn Winter. All in multiple colour options.

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