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Bearhug – the brand behind bamboo joint supports and muscle sleeves

Bamboo joint supports and muscle sleeves created from Bearhug’s unique bamboo yarn, offering unrivalled comfort and superior warmth from a renewable resource. The range consists of wrist, elbow, knee and ankle joint supports along with calf and thigh muscle sleeves.

In 2014, our co-founder was battling with a long-standing ankle injury that was threatening to put an end to his competitive rugby playing days. Not one to lie down and accept defeat this kicked-off a worldwide search until he found a support that could get him back out there. Fast forward two years, the pack was formed and Bearhug was born.

The pack continues to grow as Bearhug is now worn by athletes across the entire sport playing spectrum. From amateur to elite, junior to veteran, men and women alike.

Bamboo compression supports have accelerated heat retention properties. Enhancing your performance along with decreasing your recovery period and rehabilitation periods.

The comfort provided by the round structure of the bamboo fibres is non-irritating, the yarn also has a cross section filled with micro gaps which allows the fabric to breathe.

Bamboo is considered one of the world’s most renewable resources due to its speed of growth in an array of conditions.

The range currently consists of wrist, elbow, knee and ankle joint supports along with calf and thigh muscle sleeves. Every product comes in a range of sizes from Small to XXL.

The summer of 2020 saw Nick Williams – ex-Cardiff Rugby number eight – join the Bearhug pack in an advisory role to the Bearhug board. See what Nick has to say about the product:

“Becoming part of the bearhug pack was a no brainer for me. It’s a product I love and feel has been a big part in keeping me playing as often as I did.

“It’s not just the product though, the values Bearhug possess are a great fit for me. My first official activity in the new role, hasn’t been business or sales focused, I’ve been down to a local rugby club to help the junior and senior teams at training, sharing my knowledge with the grass roots of the game.

“It’s brilliant that the brand focus is on supporting people enjoy their passion in whatever form. I’m now really excited to help bearhug achieve our aggressive growth plans.”

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