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Can you tell us about GFORCE sportswear?
GFORCE by Gymphlex was launched in 2008 with one clear mission: to offer clubs, teams and schools a new solution in their desire for high quality professional sporting apparel.

We identified a demand in the market for a multisport brand catering for more than just the standard products. The range offers garments for core sports such as football, cricket and rugby. However, we have also developed complete portfolios for niche sports such as rowing and canoeing.

The GFORCE brand allows the opportunity to create a truly bespoke team kit by offering one of the largest selections of garments in the market, with a stock fabric and colour library to match. Offering low order minimums, fast lead times and, most importantly, affordability, GFORCE really is an attractive solution to professional looking team kits.

What has been the reaction from the trade?
2009 was a hugely successful year for us. Of course, the launch of a completely new concept is nerve-racking, but GFORCE has been universally well received by our customer base. And as awareness has grown, we have also seen a large number of new accounts signing up.

We have attended several major trade shows and it has been gratifying to receive such a positive reaction. To have the opportunity to explain to people the flexibility that is now available to them has been really enjoyable, and to let them see the range in its entirety has certainly helped to raise the profile.

How did Gymphlex perform in 2009?
Prior to the development of GFORCE, our sales were very seasonal. However, the peaks and troughs are beginning to level out as the year-round appeal of the brand becomes apparent. This has enabled a much more focused and consistent strategy to be adopted.

Last year saw us invest heavily in new IT systems across the company. Firstly, we set up our in-house design team with the latest software, allowing us to develop, design and create high quality presentations for our partner retailers, which gave them a fantastic selling tool to use with their own client base.

Secondly, we have invested in a new order processing system that allows us to place, track and deliver orders far more proficiently. The new system means customer order information is readily at hand, speeding up and improving our overall customer service.

All this was complemented with the launch of a brand-new website, retail brochure and GFORCE leaflet, helping us to keep customers up to date with everything that is going on here at Gymphlex.

With the success of GFORCE, has the Gymphlex team grown?
Yes. In addition to the expansion of our design team, we have also been strengthening our sales and customer service operation to ensure adequate resources are in place to service all our customers’ needs.

We are very fortunate to have a historically low turnover of staff, meaning that the experience and knowledge that our retailers rely on is secure. However, with the addition of new faces, fresh ideas and concepts are constantly being discussed. No doubt some of these will be out in the marketplace very soon.

What are Gymphlex’s plans for 2010?
Our main aim in 2010 is for Gymphlex to keep improving all areas of the business – from customer services and logistics, including order tracking and manufacturing/delivery lead times, to our product offerings and brand development.

With brand development, there are a number of exciting projects happening at the moment. We are currently launching two new sports – swimwear and rowing – with our first orders already being processed, while the back end of the year will see the launch of the GFORCE 2010/11 Stock Collection.

The entire Gymphlex team are looking forward to 2010 and are determined to build on the successes of 2009.

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