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How long have you been distributing 2Toms products in Europe?
We took over the distribution about six months ago, and have been testing out the market ever since. Highperformancesport (HPS) is the name we trade under out of Ireland.

We have had a positive response and some of our retailers in Ireland have been selling good quantities of the products, and have had some great feedback on SportShield and BlisterShield as a result. Now we are looking to launch 2Toms products into the UK and rest of Europe.

Can you tell us about BlisterShield and SportShield?
BlisterShield Powder is a blister prevention product that effectively controls blisters, excess heat and pressure irritation. It is designed for use primarily on the feet.

BlisterShield creates an almost frictionless surface, reducing heat build-up, hotspots and blister formation. The powder does not absorb moisture, but repels it, keeping the skin relatively dry. It is similar to the way Tech Tees work by wicking sweat away, rather than absorbing it like cotton.

SportShield Roll-On is a silicone-based roll-on liquid designed to prevent chafing anywhere on the body. It is odour free, non-greasy, non-toxic, non-staining and lasts all day under extreme conditions.

SportShield applies a smooth, thin invisible coating to the skin, which will greatly minimise the friction that causes blisters, chafing and irritation. It is most effective when used in places where skin is subjected to rubbing and at pressure points created by clothing and equipment, including:

• Between the arms and sides of the body.
• Between upper thighs.
• Groin.
• Over nipples.
• Around the back of heels.
• Tops of toes.
• Heart rate monitor straps.
• Bra straps.

It performs with you under the most grueling conditions, even under wetsuits. It will not rub off, but is easily removed with soap and water.

The products help improve results and performance, then?
Yes. 2Toms promises these products will increase comfort while enhancing performance and endurance. That’s quite a bold statement, but it’s been proven.

In what sports can you use these products?
Running, cycling, walking and mountain climbing are the main sports and activities, but you can use the products in any sports where blistering or chafing is likely to occur.

What are your goals for 2010?
Our goal is to introduce our products into the UK and Europe, and start to build market share. We are also planning to launch some new foot products from 2Toms that will be unique. They should be available during the next two-three months, so it’s exciting times.

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