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Mio Slice Heart Rate & Activity Tracker

Mio Slice Heart Rate & Activity Tracker

Mio SLICE is the first Mio wearable to feature all-day heart rate, allowing you to track your daily activity and turn it into a meaningful activity metric: your PAI score. PAI is a personalised activity metric that uses your heart rate to give you an accurate snapshot of your health. This revolutionary metric tracks all your physical activity – more than just steps – and gives you actionable feedback that is scientifically proven.

SLICE also tracks your sleep, calories burned, and distance, all from a stylish all-day wear band with simple one button operation.


Mio empowers and motivated people to manage their own health and optimise their fitness with its heart rate based activity tracking system, that includes wearables combined with prescriptive data insights through PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence).


As a pioneer in optical heart rate technology, Mio engineers the most accurate heart rate wearables and applications that help to optimise training intensity, efficacy, and health visibility.


Our mission is to positively impact global health by making PAI technology available to as many as possible, establishing PAI as the new standard of activity tracking. As such, we have made our products and applications open to connect to third party fitness apps, devices and platforms.


A revolutionary new system that turns the only number that matters – your heart rate – into a single, personal score, showing you how much activity you need to stay healthy.

PAI is Personal Activity Intelligence. Rather than just using steps, PAI’s revolutionary algorithm makes sense of your personal heart rate data, giving you a simple number that shows how much activity you need to love a longer healthier life.

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