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Nuun Sports Insight Update

Nuun Sports Insight Update

Typically, we are dehydrated about 75% of the time. Not just post or pre workout, whatever the sport, but also in our daily lives, as we pack in as much as we can. Staying adequately hydrated is hard to do, and we don’t always prioritise this.

Nuun is a company dedicated to keeping you as hydrated as humanly possible. Nuun knows that there are clever, scientific ways to help you rehydrate more effectively, and simply, using the correct concentration of minerals to help faster water absorption through your intestine, and into your body. They began as the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates.

As the availability of information about proper hydration and wellness becomes more mainstream, Nuun quickly became a “must-have” product for more and more people. Nuun has expanded its product offerings from its sports hydration roots to include more clean-ingredient lifestyle products for everyday hydration!

Over a decade later, Nuun Hydration is hydrating the planet one runner, cyclist, climber, mother at a time – the list goes on! Nuun has become a key product for more and more people in the UK, and 2pure is excited to expand the UK product offering and growth into new marketplaces.

Designed by athletes, for athletes, Nuun is at its core a clean-ingredients sports drink packed with electrolytes that replace what is lost when you sweat. Remember hydrations is an issue all the time, not just for hot and humid weather conditions. In windy and cool conditions, we still lose a lot of moisture through sweat, we are just not so aware of “being sweaty”. This is true also for cold-weather exercising.

It can be difficult to remind yourself to drink enough, and keep drinking, so Nuun’s great taste, simple way to use and enjoy, easy to store and use packaging and tablet formulation helps you stay on top of your hydration.

• Tastes great: multiple flavours available, depending on what you like. Try them all!
• Refreshing taste with some fizz, great pre- or post workout,
• Light, clean taste is great during even the toughest or longest workouts, when taste buds and stomach can become more sensitive
• Great balance of potassium and sodium, for best re- hydration
• Low Sugar
• 10 Calories per serving
• High Quality Stevia, no aftertaste
• No Sorbitol
• No Sucralose
• Drink cold, cool or warm
• Dissolves quickly (less than 3 minutes) and cleanly; no residue in a glass or bottle
• Conveniently packages in a stay-fresh tube, so you always have this easy to use or with you, in a pocket, bag, desk drawer or cupboard

Authenticity requires transparency – Nuun choose clean ingredients and suppliers back by their third-party certifications:

• Gluten Free
• Vegan
• Informed Choice – banned substance tested by LGC Science
• Non-GMO Project Verified

Nuun are also committed to packaging all products so as to minimize their carbon footprint, focusing on not only minimal waste but also minimal production energy, all the while sourcing sustainable ingredients.

Nuun sits right in the middle of “hydration.” As active humans we need to maintain our levels of hydration in our normal day to day lives. We’re always drinking either to recover post exercise AND to prep for our next session. We should all be maintaining the very best levels of hydration morning, nuun & night.

From a retailer perspective, the brand and products themselves are straightforward to stock; 2pure offers low-value opening orders and competitive trade prices.

Merchandising and Display
Key advice is to make sure you keep the display stocked, keep the prominent beside your counter, or on a shelf. Don’t be afraid to also display close to water bottles and/ or hydration packs, not just beside food or nutrition. The 8 Tube Caddy/ Carton your Nuun arrives in, makes a great simple display unit, and 2Pure also has available a range of free point of sale units to help you sell through faster.

Testing and Sampling
We always have single servings available, make sure you give customers one to try; either with each sale, in store, while trying on shoes, or at any in store and local events. Let people try the product, try the flavour for themselves, and decide to buy Nuun.

On buying and flavour selection, top flavour preferences in the UK based on our sales turnover are:

1. Lemon Lime
2. Strawberry Lemonade
3. Orange
4. Watermelon
5. Grape
6. Berry

Please contact for our latest sell- in packs, with free point of sale, and special pricing based on flavours and quantities. You can also see this via 2Pure’s convenient, easy to use B2B site which also gives live stock updates.

Having been a fan of the brand for years, 2pure jumped at the opportunity to work with the market leader in organic, plant-based hydration products.

2pure took the brand into its portfolio for a number of reasons, chief among which was the desire to develop the brand’s position in the marketplace by offering it across multiple channels in the UK and improving on the brand’s already high demand. Having been a fan of the brand for years, 2pure jumped at the opportunity to work with the market leader in organic, plant-based hydration products.

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