Hydrow expands personal coaching offering for expert, one-on-one rowing instruction

Hydrow, the leading at-home connected rower that brings the on-water experience of rowing straight to your home, has announced the expansion of its signature 1:1 Personal Coaching offering.

Each Hydrow purchase will include a complimentary 1:1 Personal Coaching session, providing members with a live expert rowing coach to guide them as they begin their rowing journey.

Hydrow’s 1:1 Personal Coaching is designed not only to help members improve technique and optimize their workouts, but to also onboard them into the broader Hydrow community with a connection. With Hydrow’s 1:1 Personal Coaching, members will receive one-on-one, live, virtual coaching guidance from Hydrow Personal Coaches who have deep knowledge and expertise in rowing. During the 30-minute session, members will learn all the Hydrow basics, from the rowing stroke to the wide variety of programs to explore. Following the session, the Personal Coach provides each member a tailored program to best assist in achieving their unique fitness goals.

Perhaps the most important thing 1:1 Personal Coaching provides is a formal welcome into the Hydrow community. The initial session sets the tone for what the member can expect from their Hydrow journey: real, human connection and the support of a community with a common purpose.

“This new offering provides a solution for the new age of hybrid exercise by delivering a real-world experience of having a trainer at a gym or coach at a boathouse directly into the home,” said, Hydrow’s chief commercial officer, Gretchen Saegh-Fleming. “While it’s not difficult to learn to row, rowing machines can seem intimidating for first-time users. We want to embrace the vulnerability of bringing someone into Members’ homes by meeting them exactly where they are – literally and figuratively – to help them onboard and jumpstart their Hydrow journey with confidence.”

For years, rowing has been fitness’ best-kept secret for its ability to engage 86 per cent of the body’s major muscle groups while remaining low impact — making it an incredibly effective and safe workout option. Beyond the physical workout and benefits, Hydrow’s cutting-edge technology gives members direct access to the mental and emotional benefits rowing offers as well through its patented technology, right from the comfort of their home – something previously impossible with traditional rowing machines.

As people continue to gravitate towards the customization, convenience and efficiency associated with at-home workouts, 1:1 Personal Coaching is the latest step in making rowing more accessible and ensuring that members experience all that Hydrow has to offer.

For Hydrow Members, 1:1 Personal Coaching has proven to have a lasting and meaningful impact. “If anyone is thinking about doing this I say go for it,” says Hydrow member Bob L. about his experience with 1:1 Personal Coaching. “It’s one thing to listen to all the great advice the athletes give during the rows, but another thing to have someone watch you row so you can have adjustments made in how you sit, grip and even put your feet. Gets me stoked to put what I learned into practice!”

To set up a complimentary 1:1 Personal Coaching session at your convenience, visit

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