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Top executives from the UK’s leading sport and golf brands were left inspired and highly enthused after an exciting speech and Q&A session with Barry Hearn of Matchroom Sports during an FSPA sports industry think tank dinner on November 4.

Over the years Matchroom has grown into one of the world’s most prolific independent sports promotion and television companies, producing over 1,100 hours or original material each year, and it was this success that engrossed members throughout dinner and well into the evening at the FSPA event at London’s Soho Hotel.

Hearn provided attendees with some key business advice, using four main titles:
• Know your target audience.
• Don’t get complacent.
• Listen to advice, but know how and when to use it.
• Enthusiasm – take your love of sport into your businesses.

He went on to provide entertaining anecdotes on his experiences within the sports industry spanning an impressive number of years.

The FSPA think tank event, the second this year, enabled members across sports associations to attend, network and discuss a number of issues and topics affecting their industry, namely the changes as a result of the Comprehensive Spending Review such as the cut to funding of the School Sports Partnerships, and how the County Sports Partnership Network will be funded going forward.

The event also enabled the FSPA to provide an update on the various initiatives it is providing members with support with in 2010 and looking ahead to 2011, namely the launch of its comprehensive study into the current state and future direction of the UK sports market.

Attendees were provided with an overview of the reasons for undertaking the study, sources to be used during the project, proposed sports and proposed key outcomes desired.

Searce, the FSPA’s research partner, highlighted to attendees the importance of member participation and contribution to the study in order to ensure an accurate and useful end report. Searce also reassured members that all information provided would be dealt with in the upmost confidentiality.

The FSPA UK research study, to be completed in May 2011, will be provided to all FSPA members free of charge. The federation hopes members will benefit significantly from this report, as there’s been little information within the industry since the start of the recession.

FESI held its general assembly in Paris recently where Frank Dassler, adidas Group general counsel, was elected president of FESI.
Jane Montgomery, managing director of the FSPA, has joined the board of FESI and is looking forward to working with the new president and board.

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