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Odlo ZeroScent stay fresh technology

Sweating is part and parcel of sport. If you manage to defeat your inner couch potato, every drop of sweat feels well-earned. And that’s something to be proud of, especially now that you can wave goodbye to any annoying odours. The innovative ZeroScent stay fresh technology from Odlo takes care of those.

Doing sport doesn’t have to mean being “stinky”. Be proud of breaking a sweat. Sweat is our body’s way of making sure that we don’t overheat when exercising. That means the more we exercise, the more we sweat.
The sweat that our pores exude is odourless. Bacteria split and break down the proteins contained in the sweat, and that’s what causes the smell. As these greedy little guys are particularly at home in moist and warm environments where they can settle, they multiply very quickly, especially in sweaty gym clothes made from synthetic materials. But not anymore, thanks to ZeroScent from Odlo.
ZeroScent is biologically active and extremely effective. It uses the odour-inhibiting technology HeiQ Pure SPQR, an odour-controlling agent combining antibacterial particles with a bio-based, odour-inhibiting polymer. This agent stops the development of bacteria which cause those unpleasant odours. The ZeroScent stay fresh technology developed with the Swiss textile specialist HeiQ, encloses the synthetic fibres of the Odlo performance clothing like a film.

This clever solution is much more effective because ZeroScent has a triple effect.
1. It prevents the process of bacteria converting odourless sweat into smelly decomposition products.
2. If bacteria do manage to convert contents of the sweat into smelly basic by-products, these are neutralised by the salts, making them odourless again.
3. The protective film around the fibres prevents the bacteria from settling on the fibre surface.
The smelly bacteria does not stand a chance with this shield. They can barely find anything to feed on and don’t feel the need to multiply. The result: thanks to ZeroScent, your sweat remains almost completely odourless during and after sport. So, there’s no need to worry about anyone noticing your smell after a strenuous workout, a brisk jog or an enjoyable mountain hike.
But there’s just one condition. You also have to wash your gym clothes with ZeroScent. But even at a low washing temperature, the protective film around the fibres has the advantage of removing the dirt and the few stubborn bacteria still trying to nestle there. That’s good for the environment and saves time and money.
From this spring, Odlo is using ZeroScent in all newly developed parts of its synthetic sports underwear, in shirts, polo shirts and more. Natural materials such as wool, silk and linen don’t need this extra help, because they have natural protection against bacteria.

Where we’re using ZeroScent:

Cool look and cooling effect. The Blackcomb Pro Ceramicool running shirt is sure to turn heads. But what the wearer will really notice, is the cooling effect of the Ceramicool Active Cooling Technology which Odlo uses for this shirt. It keeps the skin up to 1°C cooler on sweaty runs, this means better performance and it’s noticeably more comfortable. Its fit and its quick-drying, moisture-wicking effect are ideal for enthusiastic runners, who can work up a serious sweat. Because thanks to the biologically active ZeroScent stay fresh technology, running enthusiasts don’t need to let their performance determine their scent.

Casual, versatile and urban. The Millennium running line from Odlo is more than “just” running gear. All natural, of course. Function is vital, looking fashionable is crucial, empowerment is essential: that’s how the active target group think, wearing the Millennium Hoodie Pro Linencool to go for a casual jog, to the gym or even out to the pub for a drink in the evening. Excellent comfort, amazing fit and performance go hand-in-hand with this style. Thanks to Linencool technology, your skin temperature stays 0.5°C cooler on a brisk run than with a conventional running outfit. The mix of materials guarantees a comfortable body temperature, quickly wicks away moisture and feels pleasant against the skin. Thanks to the biologically active ZeroScent stay fresh technology, nobody need worry about others noticing their “smell” after a run.

The new Active Everyday Eco sports underwear line has fantastic quality for everyday wear. Unpleasant odours don’t stand a chance with the innovative and naturally acting ZeroScent stay fresh technology. A significant advantage, since people are increasingly wearing performance underwear on a daily basis. The versatile Active Everyday Eco line only uses recycled polyester.
Its production is just as sustainable as the recycled polyester itself. The three factories – where the old PET bottles are processed into clean polyester chips, then melted and spun into new polyester yarn, and finally woven into fabric for the Active Everyday Eco clothes – are all within a radius of just 30 km.
The eco fabric – 82% recycled polyester and 18% elastane – quickly wicks away moisture from the surface, dries fast, is breathable and, thanks to its 4-way stretch, offers plenty of freedom to move and a great fit. Men have not been neglected with the sporty and everyday functional underwear. We’ve designed boxers and briefs with Odlo’s very own “Happy Balls” – a design integrated into the underwear that keeps everything in exactly the right position, while offering protection and ensuring a distraction free workout.

The tried and tested Performance Light line is a real all-rounder in performance sportswear and is ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor activities. Perfect to wear all year round for all different types of people. The seamless clothing with body mapping construction, has impressive breathability, quick-acting moisture-wicking technology, rapid drying and large ventilation zones. The knitted construction combined with 4% elastane content, guarantees complete freedom of movement. Organic mesh lines give the parts a uniform appearance. We’re celebrating the launch of ZeroScent stay fresh innovation. Unpleasant odours don’t stand a chance against its natural effect. ZeroScent stay fresh technology is also predominantly featured in Odlo’s Active Light (F-Dry) range as well as the Performance Evolution range.


With its fitted fit, rapid moisture removal and lightning drying, the Zeroweight Ceramicool Pro Top Jersey is for ambitious cyclists. This lightweight, high-quality jersey improves performance and comfort. And for those who sweat heavily despite the Ceramicool technique, don’t worry: thanks to ZeroScent anti-odour technology, the most seasoned cyclists will forget about body odours in favour of their performance. This fresh innovation is the result of a 100% natural process that does not allow odourous molecules to permeate the fibers, thus limiting the growth and metabolism of bacteria. Unpleasant odours of perspiration have next to chance of attaching to clothing.

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