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How do Baseball Players Stay Fit?

The sports industry has always been and continues to be one of the most popular sectors with various sports ranging from football to basketball attracting many every year. In fact, one sport that is tremendously popular is baseball, which was created in the United States of America during the 18th century and which previously has had about 68.5 million fans attending major league games during the 2019 regular season.

Although it was only played originally primarily in New York, Philadelphia and Massachusetts, the game has come a long way since then and is not only loved by the entirety of the United States but can be watched by everyone all over the world. With baseball being one of the most well-known sports that is both watched and played all over the world, many people are intrigued about the players of this sport and how they are successful in their sporting career.

Keeping Fit
Firstly, one aspect that most MLB players have control over is their training and fitness routine, which is key to keeping them in the best possible shape to perform.
Being fit and active cannot be underestimated in the sport of baseball, as a lot of the outcome of the game hinges on being speedy and quick. Players are required to have a high level of fitness, as they will need to run around the field during the game. Therefore, many professional baseball players incorporate short bursts of cardiovascular exercise like running on a treadmill so that they can build up their endurance and become faster on the field.
Moreover, a large part of a baseball game entails swinging a bat as well as throwing and catching a ball. This means that most baseball players will need to be physically strong as their strength could determine how well and far, they hit the ball. For this reason, MLB baseball players will make sure to focus on strength training and lifting weights so that they build muscle on their arms. Strength training is also said to improve hand-eye coordination which is required in pitching the ball and batting.

The Professionals
Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout is just one of the professional baseball players that credits a strong fitness routine to his success. With a hectic daily schedule, Trout prefers to work out at night and his routine includes lots of core work, tire pushes, dumbbell presses, planks, pullups and pulldowns, as well as rows and full-body exercises.

He also does not like to deviate from the same types of exercises as he trusts in his own plan to achieve the results he wants, and this usually takes time. As the seventh youngest player in MLB history to make the All-Star Game last year at 21 years old, Trout prioritises recovery just as much as training and fitness.

He believes that ice baths are important in allowing his muscles to recover and bounce back. Putting too much pressure on himself to work out every day is not something that Trout does, as he trusts that his body will alert him when he needs a break and to take some time for himself.

Similarly, in preparation for upcoming baseball matches Mookie Betts who is an American professional baseball right fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball likes to practice as much as possible entailing a lot of running. He also prioritises hydration when working out, with either water or sports drinks as he is aware that one can lose a lot of liquid when exercising.

Betts shares a common belief that many sports players have which is that consistency is the key to achieving results and being able to put on an optimum performance. In fact, he attributes his consistent work out plan and nutrition to how he has performed previously and how sharp he was defensively, how well he worked counts, how forcefully the ball jumped off his bat and how perfectly he ran the bases.

There certainly is a common trend in those baseball players who go the extra mile in terms of fitness and training and the success they achieve. For fans of players like Mike Trout and Mookie Betts, there are now options to engage in sports betting for upcoming games that they are playing on.

Baseball fans can wager on a variety of factors including betting on their favourite players and the overall outcome of the game. Also, with technology advancing day by day, these bets can be carried out online whilst you are watching the game and can make it an even more exciting and entertaining experience.

In conclusion, baseball is one of the most popular sports on the planet to watch and participate in and ever since its creation in the United States, it has captured the attention of millions all over the world.

In recent years, many top baseball players like Mike Trout and Mookie Betts have attributed their success in this sport to their regimental and strict fitness and training routine which has required a high level of discipline. Whatever your reason for following baseball, there is no doubt that these players dedication to the sport is both commendable and impressive.

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