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Reduce customer injury and boost sales

Insoles – did you know they are one of the easiest ways for you to drive increased revenue and profit for 2019? If you sell footwear, whether it is trainers, boots or cycling shoes, your clients will almost always benefit from an insole, that’s why they are already a $3 Billion industry and growing fast.

Take a look at the standard insoles in leading brand football boots or trainers, they are typically flat, thin and likely to deteriorate quicker than the trainer itself. A properly designed insole with leading impact technology has been independently proven to help reduce injuries. In sport we protect arms, teeth, head, shins but people rarely think about feet even though this is where 95 per cent of impact occurs. Whether it’s running, walking, playing football or tennis almost everybody can benefit from a good shock absorbing insole.

With so many clients looking for decent footwear to minimise their risk of injury and improve their results, an insole offers so much, but it is recommended so little.
The revenue opportunity is simple, with clients spending £60 plus on footwear an insole at approximately £25 that will last three times as long as the trainer itself is simple common sense for the client and their body, and for you and your revenue. Imagine adding approximately £10 profit for every footwear item you sold in 2019, the numbers soon add up, and really these insoles should be worn in all shoes, so once they feel the instant benefit of a true insole, they’ll come back for more. Set yourself a target to sell an insole with 50 per cent of all shoe sales and you’ll be on to a sure winner for 2019 and your clients will thank you for introducing them to the category. There are multiple leading independent running and sports shops that achieve insole sales with over 75 per cent of their footware purchases.

Obviously, we recommend Enertor, with their state of the art shock absorbing technology and their pedigree of providing insoles to the world elite athletes from multiple Tour De France winners, Olympic Champions including Usain Bolt and as the only shock absorbing insole to be mandated by the British Military after their testing.

Independent tests have shown that over 90 per cent of people saw improvements in injuries/pain after wearing Enertor. (UK independent study Jan 2017). For more information visit

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