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Sustainable business ethos and leadership is at the core of Run Legacy

Run Legacy ( is a brand and sales management agency based in the UK. Their core pillars of Sustainable, Performance and Lifestyle, set them apart from other agents and distributors in the UK market.

They believe in creating a more sustainable running and sporting goods market through their own actions and those of the brands they work with.

Given the background across both retail and brand in the running industry, Run Legacy offers a range of services from full brand management and distribution to consulting on specific projects brands and retailers require. Their focus on sustainability and understanding of sustainable leadership provides clear alignment with sustainable brands and those that are embarking on a journey towards sustainability.

Run Legacy was created by CEO Ben Lee, he understands that the future of the industry he has been in for over 16 years lies in creating more sustainable markets and new ways of businesses and brands operating. He has set out to bring greater transparency, sustainability and collaboration to the running industry.

He said: “For many years I was missing my core personal and business purpose. I have an environmental education to MSc level and plenty of business experience, but I couldn’t see how to fuse the two. Since being diagnosed with dyslexia in 2018, many things in life have evolved for the better, I allow my creativity to wander more and while my thought process may be unconventional, I have learnt to trust and rely on it more and more”.

This creative thinking and vision has allowed Run Legacy to be established. Run Legacy is working with four brands and is gaining traction in the market. Understanding the challenges faced by both brands and retailers, Run Legacy is guiding the brands in their portfolio to improve their product offering and build relationships with retailers. At the same time working with retailers to build their confidence that the collective goals and vision are for long term sustainable growth for all.

The brands in the Run Legacy portfolio provide retailers with an opportunity to engage with and grow their own sustainable brand offerings to feed the growing demand from runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.


Rawvelo ( ) is a UK nutrition brand that is 100 per organic, 100 per cent vegan and use recyclable packaging. No preservatives, nothing artificial, just plant-powered sport nutrition that matches on a performance level.


Moggans ( ) a Scottish brand producing sustainable merino wool performance socks. Sourcing responsibly and manufacturing in Scotland and EU. The range is run focused yet also gaining traction in the MTB, outdoor and Ski markets.

Spektrum sports

Spektrum ( ) is a Bio-Based eyewear brand from Sweden. Leading the way towards a more sustainable eyewear market through material use and manufacturing in Italy. Spektrum’s range is accessible across sports from running to winter sports, cycling and golf.

Doxa Run

Doxa ( ) A running apparel brand from Denmark. All manufactured in the EU and developing an ever-increasing sustainable product range. Taking their product inspiration from the Scandinavian climate and years of experience in the fashion world.

“From the initial conversations with Ben we knew that there was a great synergy between Rawvelo and Run Legacy and that it would be the right fit to help us establish a stronger foothold in the running industry,” Rawvelo Co-Founder, Jason Evans said. “Ben’s focus on working with sustainable brands and his shared affiliation to 1% For The Planet immediately appealed to us and it was clear that his network and experience would be a huge asset to our collaboration moving forwards.”

Andreas Nilemo, Spektrum Co-founder and CEO, said: “We are very excited and satisfied to have Ben and the team at Run Legacy as our partners for the UK market and we’re looking forward to a long and great partnership together. We share the same values and Spektrum fits well in the great set-up that Run Legacy has. Ben and his team will be focused on all our summer segments that we are currently rolling out on several markets at the moment.

Looking forward, it is important to Run Legacy that they lead the way in business practice. To achieve this, as an external business auditing process Run Legacy is on a journey to become a Bcorp, looking to be certified in 2023 and is a member of 1% for the planet. The Run Legacy brand is purpose driven, providing retailers and consumers with product options while reducing the impact on the natural world, leaving a legacy for future generations.

For all brand and ranging enquiries for the UK & ROI please contact

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