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VIVOBAREFOOT and Lee Saxby aim to create an army of coaches to fight the battle of injured runners

In 2011 VIVOBAREFOOT teamed up with biomechanics expert Lee Saxby to launch the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic. In seven months, six successful week-long intensive coaching certification courses took place in the US and Europe with participants from five of the seven continents.

The VIVOBAREFOOT Coaching Program is designed to reveal the mental and physical components of barefoot running by combining lecture and practical application of diagnosing and correcting running form. The momentum moves forward as several VIVOBAREFOOT Coaching Programs are scheduled and accepting registration for 2012 (

Galahad Clark, owner of VIVOBAREFOOT, states: “We are passionate about inspiring injury-free running and Lee is the best teacher in the world. He has a deep understanding of the biomechanics of movement and his extensive practical experience of fixing injured runners and developing performance athletes is second to none. We want to take this knowledge to create an army of running coaches that will help reawaken the skill of natural movement.”

In addition to registering for the Coaching Program, the Training Clinic site is also home to a number of barefoot running resources. Among these resources is the ‘Find A Coach’ locator, where users are able to find biographies and contact information for coaches in their area, in addition to Saxby’s eBook – Proprioception: Making Sense of Barefoot Running – and informative training videos.

About Lee Saxby
Lee Saxby is at the forefront of applied barefoot science. He has spent the last 10 years coaching barefoot technique to help runners overcome injury and increase performance. Lee’s coaching method defies conventional wisdom, but is deeply rooted in the scientific principles of biomechanics and evolutionary biology. He is considered by many as one of the best in his field, and has been described as “The world’s best running coach” by Christopher McDougall, author of the international bestseller Born to Run, and “Exceptional” by Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman. VIVOBAREFOOT has chosen to partner with Lee Saxby because he understands barefoot running and natural locomotion better than anyone else.

“The next time you think running, think skill. Lee Saxby possesses not only the skill of running, but also the skill of teaching it with patience and exactitude.” Erwan Le Corre, founder MovNat

“Out of any fitness certification programme available to the public, the VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaching Program is the most thorough, organised, interactive and fun course today. I will attest that the VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaching Program is the premier running certification program today.” Andrew Wallace, owner, Upstream Fitness

“I was challenged and humbled more than in any other education setting. I recommend this course without hesitation to any professional of any level. Lee shares his knowledge with the attendees with a genuine heart to improve their abilities to affect others.” Kyle Thorne, NFL strength and conditioning Coach

VIVOBAREFOOT launched the first minimalist shoe in 2003 with a patented, ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole offering maximum proprioception with protection. VIVOBAREFOOT features a collection of multi-terrain barefoot performance shoes and the largest minimalist lifestyle shoe range on the market.

VIVOBAREFOOT encourages you to educate yourself as much as possible before transitioning to barefoot movement. Check out the free eBook with training videos at:

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