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Jordan Fitness – Thirty years and still going strong

Can you tell us the history of the company?

The 80s saw a big fitness boom with the likes of Jane Fonda and the aerobics circuit. Neil Jordan was an advocate for fitness, particularly martial arts and boxing. His passion eventually led to side-lining his sales job at Vauxhall and opening up his own gym in the evenings, in a barn on his family’s farm. It was hard work doing both jobs so although he continued a full-time job, he moved to a nutrition company to embrace the sector and learn best practice, ultimately gaining contacts he’d utilise in the years to come.

Running his own gym, Neil noticed the pitfalls and missing opportunities in the sector. He started cutting and welding to make his own equipment, and this was the moment other gym owners started requesting Neil’s help in helping them to start up gyms and source new and refurbished equipment. From here, Neil partnered with many companies including Technogym, and for 30 more years he’s been scaling up the business to the Jordan Fitness we know today.

How is your company developing and growing?

Jordan Fitness has seen continued, steady growth since our official incorporation in 1996. Sourcing great value, quality products from a mix of UK and international manufacturers has always been at the heart of what we do. We’re not in it for quick wins but to deliver quality advice and functional fitness equipment, consistently.

With the fitness industry global growth rate at 2.6 per cent (IHRSA 2018), we’ve matched its steady growth due to our focus on logistics and enhanced customer service.

With several team members having relevant experience in leisure management, sports performance and personal training, we offer integral support to the experts in their field, adding value throughout our partnerships. Hatton Boxing, Norwich City Football Club, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym and Anytime Fitness, alongside international trade suppliers, form just some of the exclusive relationships we hold within the industry.

Have there been any recent developments that have changed your company’s profile?

The rise of Boutique and Personal Training gyms has certainly energised the industry. Instagram has massively increased the appeal of functional training to the masses, from bootcamps to fitness holidays and this has all led to continuing demand for our products and services. Internally this has led to a renewed focus on product design with 2019 seeing some brand-new gym equipment launches.

What inspires you to create new products, how do you develop them and bring them to the market?

Looking at existing products, we research what works and what doesn’t, considering concepts from around the world.

We closely review target markets and develop ideas and concept sketches that would meet their needs. Building in CAD allows us to test health and safety, and user testing allows us to refine our ideas.

Our team are passionate about design and materials as well as fitness and it’s that combination that allows us to build durable, long lasting products, some with up to five years warranty (2019 Urethane Classic Dumbbells/Barbells).

What can we expect from your company in the next 12 months?

In 2019, we celebrate 30 years of Jordan Fitness. It’s a big year for us. You’ll see a refreshed brand, which aligns a refreshed energy, as we enter a new decade headed up by our Managing Director, Zak Pitt and founder Neil Jordan.

This is the year we’ll ‘HIIT’ more of the world, with more premium quality fitness solutions. We’ve already partnered with a major distributor in India, for 2019, and are heavily expanding our Middle East partnerships, adding to our UK and EU distributor relationships.

In terms of new products, this year you’ll see the launch of our new HIIT Bench, HIIT Rig and a host of new storage solutions to help gyms really utilise and make the most of their space.

How has the market changed in the last five years?

The latest IHRSA report (2017) shows global revenue has increased by 2.6 per cent in the fitness industry. With 200,000 more clubs serving 162 million members in 2018 there is no sign of the fitness industry slowing down. How consumers buy into fitness is rapidly changing. Streaming workouts has led to more growth in home fitness, especially from Millennials, which has led to an increase in online retailers benefiting from the demand for next day delivery. There is still potential growth estimated from baby boomers, with incentives to get fit and retain their health, offering an opportunity for high street shops and specialists to benefit.

What do you feel has been the company’s greatest success? / To what do you attribute your success?

Our success and growth have genuinely come as a result of the hard work of the team. Our trade team have built up effective reseller affiliations which has allowed us to enter many markets, enabling us to expand our international reach. Our direct team have developed relationships with major operators including Energie and Anytime and newly awarded Pure Gym, which allows us to build on our UK and international growth. Strategically we have worked together as a team to improve logistics and product availability and our genuine passion, professionalism and focus on customer relationship management allows us to remain at the forefront of our industry.

What trends do you predict will be popular in the coming year?

With companies like Les Mills and Pendleton setting the trend for fitness in the home, we’ll see far more consumers consider if their gym membership works for them. We foresee many moving their fitness regime into the home, to better suit their lifestyle. This offers retailers an opportunity to push functional equipment such as medicine balls, sandbags and freeweights, to help support consumers with their fitness journey.

What are you currently working on? New launches, etc?

Our new HIIT Bench will be a big ‘HIIT’ this year, as home gym users look to have an all in one storage and functional fitness space in their home. This multi-functional bench provides storage for two kettlebells, two 12kg set of chrome dumbbells (2kg increments), resistance bands and a medicine ball so, whether a PT or individual user, they have everything they need for a hard core HIIT workout, all in one small space.

How can a new customer open an account?

Simple, give us a call on 01553 763285 or email and we’ll set you up with an account.

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